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  1. Bemis

    NGD Wildwood Select 50s & First Post!

    Love my WW select!!!! Enjoy and welcome!
  2. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    Glad to hear you are enjoying those killer pickups also! Had to back the gain off my Marshall. It was rattling my drum kit. So. Much. Growl. I almost didn't want to tame it. Just let that beast roar. Yes, backs do matter! I eliminated a few I was on the fence about due to their backs...
  3. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    My WW select was scheduled for deliver on Friday (yesterday) but came a day early (Thursday). FedEx said they were trying to get things out as fast as possible since the world is in chaos. No complaints here. Been playing her a ton. Those pickups are amazing. I even reached back out to WW...
  4. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    Yep. They are open for online retail. Mine shipped this morning. Just blown away by their customer interactions. What a fantastic group.
  5. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    I scrolled through some of your post and found the latest one you acquired. It's incredible. Wildwood has been amazing to work with. I know where I'll continue doing business. :applause:
  6. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    Awesome! I reached out to them and the owner Steve wrote back. Really awesome guy. He ran by the shop today, while it's closed, took it off and snapped me a few pictures. Can't ask for better customer service than that! He showed the felt in the pictures and explained they asked for the felt...
  7. Bemis

    NGD - ES Les Paul

    Dang. I think I like the back as much as I like the top. Enjoy!
  8. Bemis

    Incoming 2013 Traditional with Many Upgrades!

    Ooooh weee that's killer looking. I have a 2012 trad that is incredible. Enjoy that one!
  9. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    Does this run add the felt padding to the metal bracket on the bottom side of the pickguard? I'm interested in 2 they have up now, but I'm a pickguard off person when tops are that stunning and would like to avoid shipping divots. I suppose I could call them up and see, but since you have one...
  10. Bemis

    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    Holy smokes! That is beautiful!
  11. Bemis

    NGD: Finally! My First Gibson ever - 2020 LP Unburst

    Enjoy! Happy birthday too. Wife is a keeper.
  12. Bemis

    Would You?

    See, I'd want them both. :laugh2:
  13. Bemis


    Someone didn't pass the dotting the i test. :rofl:
  14. Bemis


    Is this amp/guitar good for metal? We need that question more.:rofl:
  15. Bemis

    NGD: 2019 "Original Collection" Les Paul Junior • Finally a Legit Jr!

    Oh man that looks amazing! HNGD!
  16. Bemis

    NGD: Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Looks sooo good. I bet she sounds killer!
  17. Bemis

    NGD!! 60s Iced Tea

    Looks great! I'm sitting on the fence about an Iced Tea one right now. I hope someone buys it before I decide I can't live without it. Enjoy and post more pics when it arrives! I need more GAS!
  18. Bemis

    LP Standard Negative Comments

    That guitar is beautiful. Play it in good health and to hell with the naysayers. If they start complaining, turn it up so you can't hear them. :laugh2:
  19. Bemis

    NGD: 2019 Blueberry Burst Standard

    You chose wisely. :slash:

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