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    PSA: Orange Amplifiers Brent Hinds Terror $299 shipped

    Congrats! Had a Tiny Terror once that I stupidly sold.Orange has a great unique crunch tone.
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    How Long To Warm The Tubes???

    I would agree tube amps do sound better after half an hour.
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    Fender Pro Junior thoughts

    I really wanted one but got the Blues Junior 3 instead for the reverb tank.
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    Marshall Origin 50w h/c and 20w Head Thread

    Bought the 20H a couple of weeks ago.Have it hooked up to a 2x12 open back Avatar cab loaded with a WGS Veteran 30 and ET65.Clean tones are organic and it loves my pedal board.The boost is awesome to have and the effects loop switch is so useful.Tilt control knob is great for a Les Paul and a...
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    Double creams are here.

    Looks great !! Love the double creams on my 2005(Wolfetones)
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    Is there a clean way to replace Gibson/Kluson tuners...

    Put Kluson locking Revolutions on my Standard and love them.They replaced my Grover locking tuners.Did not like the design of the Grovers.
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    NGD - Nothing Special, but she's mine.

    Very nice score!!!
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    After All These Years... The One!

    Thats actually a heritage cherry sunburst until it visited the Willy Wonka factory.Eye candy for sure. Great score!!!
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    New facts about the beginning of 9 holes Traditional Weight Relief

    Thanks for the post.Interesting.
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    Supro just announced a new amp today.. Blues King 15 watts.

    Seems generally a miss on these.Stick with the blues junior.
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    Led Zeppelin kinda Fuzz tones

    you might want to look at the catalinbread rah(royal albert hall)really nails early zep tones
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    NAD: A toy, but a very cool toy

    Awesome.If it makes you practice more and have fun thats great!
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    NAD: Marshall DSL20 with Cab

    Wow.Great rig.
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    Fender or Marshall

    Owned both and kept the dsl40c.I dont like the cleans on the hot rod deluxe at all,even with speaker swaps I would get this high pitch treble that would bother my ears after a while.I put a wgs veteran 30 in the dsl and the cleans are totally useable.Both take pedals great.Best answer like they...
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    Give your new speakers a work out!

    video did not play,error
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    Pick guard or not ?

    Had mine on for 13 years then took it off.Want too show more of the cherry burst. Do not care at all what others think that theirs a tiny hole and screw visible.
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    Slash has bought the Robert Johnson ‘burst

    that was a rude comment
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    NAD: Fender Limited Tweed Pro Junior

    too loud for bedroom use you say
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    NAD: Fender Limited Tweed Pro Junior

    Maybe a blues junior with a master volume?

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