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  1. Alligatorbling

    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    I owned a LP once. Two actually. A hand full of SGs. I love a strat. I stay on the LP forum for friendship. My USA Strats
  2. Alligatorbling

    Digitech Talker. Vocoder

    Like new. It's been in storage. Awesome digital talk box. They dont make them anymore and are somewhat rare. Ive used it with both guitar as well as keyboard 500 dollars to the lower 48 I don't have the manual but it can be found in pdf format online
  3. Alligatorbling

    2018 Gibson SG 61 RI feeler

    Pristine 2018 SG 61RI. aprox 7lbs. No neck dive. Has strap locks. Comes with a leather strap that has locks installed. Factory strap buttons are in the case. 100% stock other than an amber switch tip. Factory switch kit is in the case.This model has 61R and 61T pickups. They sound great in my...
  4. Alligatorbling

    Your music room. Lets see it!

    Let's see those music rooms! This is mine. I normally like to display my guitars but our chap is two years old and loves to mess with stuff. I let him play with them if I'm in there with him.
  5. Alligatorbling

    What device do you use to surf the web and post on mlp?

    How do you surf mlp? I used to use a PC but after moving we never got internet.... So I left my pc at my parents. I use my phone (note 9). I use it for all internet needs. Surfing, paying bills, posting on facebook, posting on forums, online shopping. Not having a computer is kinda nice. Me...
  6. Alligatorbling

    Going bald. Hair pieces and wigs. Thoughts?

    I want a wig. I'm baldng and obviously cant grow a long full head of hair. Its thinning up top and receding back more and more each year. Now...... I'm not unhappy with a buzz cut. I pull it off really well and I think I look great with no hair, but sometimes I wish I had long hair. Some guys...
  7. Alligatorbling

    We got a new (used) car!

    I swear looking for a used car is about as stressful as buying a house. For real! Since Crystal's car was totaled we have been looking. We found one at a dealership that she liked. A ford escape. It had like 140k miles on it but looked new. We were going to buy it providing it checked out with...
  8. Alligatorbling

    Lets see your wall of amps

    Some of you guys have insane collections. Let's see those walls of amps! I've downsized big time, I've sold four amps I didnt really use. Now I have my phaez daisycutter, my fender bass amp, and my fender twin.
  9. Alligatorbling

    Watching a child experience live music.

    My girlfriends little boy is 2. He will be 3 in july. It really is the little things in life that mean the absolute most. The other night was awesome. My friend came over to jam, he plays drums. While jamming my girlfriend and her little boy came in. Me and and my friens were jamming a tight...
  10. Alligatorbling

    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    I like the warmth of analog delays. I have an Ibanez AD9. its old as hell and beat up. I love it. What do you like best? Analog or digital? What delay pedal do you use?
  11. Alligatorbling

    What kind of oil do you use? How often do you change it?

    I used to use conventional and a basic filter and change it every 3 to 4 thousand. Now I use 100% synthetic royal purple and k&n filter and change it every 12 to 13 thousand. I use 5w30
  12. Alligatorbling

    Who else has a fender twin?

    I think my fender twin produces the most heavenly cleans of any amp I've ever heard. It takes pedals incredibly well. I use a sd1 and a dirty shirley for my gain. On occasion for fun I'll crank it and get it to overdrive, which is stupidly loud because the headroom is insane. Who else owns this...
  13. Alligatorbling

    How many versions of fhe big muff have you owned?

    I've had two. The black russian box and what I have now, the big muff nano. I think this pedal belongs in the hall of fame. What's your favorite big muff and why?
  14. Alligatorbling

    My telecaster

    MIM tele with rewind pickups. I sent james this YouTube video and said I want that tone. This tele now nails it.
  15. Alligatorbling

    61R 61T

    The 61 pups are stock in my SG. Does anyone else have them? I like them. I may just keep them in there and not "upgrade"
  16. Alligatorbling

    Octave pedals

    I have a Boss OC3 on my board. Two low octaves and the dry signal. Wicked fat tone. What octave pedal do you like?
  17. Alligatorbling

    Whats the loudest amp you own?

    What's your loudest amp? Mines my fender twin reverb. 85 watts is LOUD cranked. Its loud enough to rattle pictures off the wall. I know and I did. When cranked it actually will overdrive dispite its insane head room. Add a dirty boost and the tone is amazing. ..... and loud enough to cause...
  18. Alligatorbling

    Reverb hum

    My twin has a hum when I switch on the reverb. I've read up and it seems common. When I got the amp the reverb was quiet. Any fixes for this?
  19. Alligatorbling

    Happy birthday Pop1655 !

    @Pop1655 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's a great one!
  20. Alligatorbling

    The boss SD1

    The sd1 is one of my favorite pedals. I think it stands up to much more expensive overdrive pedals. Do you own one? I can dial in some amazing tones with mine. I doubt it will ever leave my board.

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