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  1. redking

    Anyone have a Stewmac 335 kit?

    I have not built this kit, but I have built both a double cut jr. and a singlecut special. Both are great guitars that I will never get rid of. As a frame of reference - Precision is the contract manufacturer for "Rock N Roll Relics" guitars and they have a hollow body model that is likely the...
  2. redking

    Anyone have a Stewmac 335 kit?

    Sorry - missed your post on this already!
  3. redking

    Anyone have a Stewmac 335 kit?

    Precision Guitar Kits makes a waayyyyy nicer one!
  4. redking

    An odd night.

    Might be that you have a major sleep deficit that has built up through the years and it's starting to hit you now. I experience similar instances where one minute I'm watching a TV show that I just put on and 30 seconds later I'm lights out. I only sleep about 4 to 5 hours a night and its...
  5. redking

    FreddyG's Double Cuts

    That Niagara Iced Tea Burst is about the best looking burst color combo I've seen. :wow:
  6. redking

    Baby Please Don't Go (BBQ MAPLE CONTENT!)

    Enjoyed the jam :jam: next time let's get that camera angle in a less frightening position :dunno:
  7. redking

    Long wait times for repairs

    Demand > Supply = simple answer We live in a disposable world now, the field of electronics repair barely exists anymore. And lutherie is a rare skill as well. So, when us luddite guitar players find someone who is good at either of these skills, we take all of our stuff to them and wait...
  8. redking

    Youtube and copyright blocks........

    That's true, but if you have a license to do a cover and have published a song on iTunes, then the songwriter is getting paid that way - I don't know what else you can do, but yes, some overexcited person at a label could try and flag you.
  9. redking

    Anyone know about Roman Rist guitars?

    We won't hold it against him for being a part of unleashing Poison on the world. :rofl:
  10. redking

    Getting Rick - Rolled... a good way!
  11. redking

    Gregory Koch and his Sasquatchian Lockdown Jams

    Love this dude!
  12. redking

    Youtube and copyright blocks........

    My theory is that if you obtain a license to do a cover through a service like Distrokid, and then file a copyright claim on your own video for your licensed cover version then you should be safe. I haven't tested this yet though. Leo from Frog Leap does this for his covers and he has a...
  13. redking

    New Big Sugar

    Any Big Sugar fans in the House? The new record is killer!
  14. redking

    NGD 1968 Gretsch Streamliner

    That's gorgeous! For some reason I thought the Streamliner was only a modern Gretsch model - dayum that's killer :band:
  15. redking

    Anyone know about Roman Rist guitars?

    Search Roman Rist in the Luthier section. The man was and is a legend but no longer posts on this forum. Probably still trying to make a dent in his 2-year waiting list.
  16. redking


    Damn that's killer! Steal of a price too. If I wasn't building like 4 or 5 guitars right now myself I would be down!
  17. redking

    MSSC Guitar Prewired Holy Grail Les Paul Wiring Harness

    Great to see you back Matt!
  18. redking

    Finishing Prep - Tele Neck Pocket

    I think my failure to do this properly lead to my strat project from a couple of years ago chipping around the neck pocket. Since the guitar has gotten naturally beaten up over the last couple of years with an accidental screwdriver scrape and a set of keys falling on it, it's now naturally...
  19. redking

    HNGD: Second Silverburst

    Very nice!

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