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    Michael Moore debunks "clean" energy

    Well, this is interesting:

    Well, it's Earth Day and.....


    Something I would never had thought to see in my lifetime


    Phantom of the Opera at Price Albert's Hall, only until tomorrow AM

    In case you have never seen it:

    I always knew this guy was actually a shit

    Elon Musk's latest "fake it till you make it, or maybe not even bother" debacle:

    Fender Steps Up

    Seems Fender's marketing team have understood how to generate good-will towards their brand by offering 3 Months of their Fender Play lessons for free during the Coronavirus outbreak: Note, if you try to redeem, the code appears in a red bar across the...

    Greta's real father?

    Frankly, I think the computer screen speaks volumes...

    F-ing Acer

    Helping a friend by setting up their new Acer computer... Took 20 minutes to install Windows 10, and now 2 HOURS to uninstall all the fucking Bloatware that comes pre-installed on Acer machines...

    Some people are disgusting

    Yesterday, I was in the bathroom at the local shopping centre (it was an emergency, no time to find a VIP).. So I'm sitting there, minding my own business, when someone else walks in, sits down on the bog two stalls away, has the world's most horrendous liquid diarrhea, wipes a few times, and...
  10. LPCM&BFG

    Look what followed me home....

    (in a bag)...
  11. LPCM&BFG

    Have we reached peak lazy?

  12. LPCM&BFG

    Christmas songs

    Has anyone else noticed that "Christmas time" tends to be fucking depressing? I mean, look at Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"... It's down-right scary. And all of the official Christmas Songs from the 30s and 40s are downright depressing.. (just youtube Bing Crosby) Frankly, it doesn't seem like...
  13. LPCM&BFG

    Is it wrong...

    To get something as a gift for yourself at Christmas?
  14. LPCM&BFG

    What I love about this place....

    A few days ago, in a thread, I posted some stuff that some of you guys were dead set against. It was simply my opinion. And now, a few days later, that's water all under the bridge, gone and forgotten, back to the normal Backstage. This is why this place fucking rocks. We can have our...
  15. LPCM&BFG

    Which is worse / more hated?

    In terms of fretboards....
  16. LPCM&BFG

    Gibson LP Traditional with PLEK on pickup cover?

    Hi All, I've run across an LP Traditional for an "ok" price. There are a few odd things about it that I was hoping you lot could help with, as I am thinking it might be a Chibson. The description just says it's a Les Paul Traditional, no year and only 1 photo of the guitar sitting in the case...
  17. LPCM&BFG

    Beers that suck...

    A thread for beers that suck..... Never, ever, ever buy this, It's a French take on Hoegaarden, that simply does NOT work...
  18. LPCM&BFG

    What Did Henry Juszkiewicz Get Right?

    I know in the past we (may) all have had a go at Henry J for the antics he got up to (Dusk Tiger, Firebird X, "2015" etc). But my question is, what do you guys think Henry J and his crew got dead right? For me: The 2013 / 2014 LPJ and SGJ - for me these were entry-level Gibsons that still felt...
  19. LPCM&BFG

    Oiling a Gibson Torrified Granadillo fretboard - before and after

    Well, tonight I oiled the fretboard on my 2018 BFG for the first time. According to Gibson's legacy website, the 2018 has a torrified granadillo fretboard. It seemed horribly dry prior to oiling. Here you can clearly see the new vs the oiled fretboard. All in all, it came out significantly...
  20. LPCM&BFG

    Photos of a twisted LP neck?

    Hi All, Does anyone have photos taken "down the neck" of a Gibson Les Paul that show a twisted neck? I only ask as the 2015 Les Paul Traditional I went to go see today had what I can only describe as a neck that had a light "cork-screw" shape to it, and I am curious if anyone else has come...

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