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  1. Reflect_ion

    HNGD: Second Silverburst

    Gotcha, it's what it says on the headstock! Read on the forum that the second stamp means there is a minor flaw in the finish or an employee wanted to take it home at a discount. Good enough for me! It seems to me as though the silverbursts are hugely popular nowadays. Certainly in Europe...
  2. Reflect_ion

    HNGD: '81 Custom Silverburst

    Hi all, usually i'm just a lurker but this time I wanted to share the hapiness: finally found an original silverburst in Belgium! I'm considering this a bonus after Fear Inoculum :) Apparently she was ordered at Gibson directly by a German fellow back in '81. He had this one until a year or...
  3. Reflect_ion

    HNGD: 2006 R6 (and sunny familypics)

    Hi all, I had been gassing for a Goldtop for some time... More specifically an R6, 'cause I've read a lot of good things about P90's being really different. This one came up at a good (Belgian) price so I jumped on it. The seller was a super nice guy that spends more time on photography lately...
  4. Reflect_ion

    HJ's decisions in another light?

    My question is about the future of electric guitar-based music and the environment in which an electric guitar manufacturer has to do business. This issue has briefly been mentioned by another member in the “Henry possibly discontinuing CS reissues” thread a couple of days ago, but...
  5. Reflect_ion

    Flame, no flame... whatever. Let's see some GRAIN & FLECKS!!!

    I'm liking the FLAME and NO FLAME picture topics. How about showing your historics with supernice grain and mineral flecks and streaks?? I recently spotted this one on ebay (not my picture)
  6. Reflect_ion

    1960 Burst for sale in germany (010838)

    Hi guys, I don't know if it's allowed to post this, but i just recieved an email that a 1960 Burst in excellent condition is for sale in Germany... I don't have any affiliation with the seller/shop. What a beauty :)
  7. Reflect_ion

    HNGD: 2011 R9 Ice Tea gloss

    For a little background: I had been playing for 13 years on an Epiphone standard. Then it struck me, life perhaps was too short for playing an Epiphone (that, and I discovered the used market :) ). You'll never hear me downtalking Epi though, I had a hell of a ride with it and it brought me tons...
  8. Reflect_ion

    2016 Vs 2008 Standard Goldtop color

    Hi all, I looked into the 2016 Les Paul Standard T line because i'm interested in a Goldtop Standard. So far i've only done research on the internet, because there's no (abundance of) guitarshops that carry this particular model in Belgium at the moment. Now it appeared to me that the...

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