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  1. bosnialove

    Where can I buy pickup magnets? (NO Crazyparts because of very bad customer service)

    Just like the title says. Where can I buy pickup magnets? I need A2, A3, A4 and A5, all long and short. I want to change the magnets in my 2003 Brazilian LP pickups... A little experiment with the magnets! :) I dont want to order from Crazyparts because of realy bad customer service, so bad...
  2. bosnialove

    Is there a way to change magnets on a potted pickup...

    Without messing everythin up? Re-waxing in thise case is not an option. :)
  3. bosnialove

    Luthiers.. Opinions on intonation around the third in stead of at the twelve fret..

    After I have done intonation at the 12 fret and check the intonation at the first few frets, everything is just by a hair off. Chrods or power chords after the twelfe fret I pretty much do not play at all, only single notes. Isn't it then better to intonate around the third fret? Seems more...
  4. bosnialove

    Gibson '61 SG Maestro, '59 LP Brazilian rw, Goldtone GA30RVS and GA20RVT..

    For the people that don't visit the Historics & Reissues section.. Here's a nice combo for ya. :p The guitar is named: The Kiss.. 2003 Brazilian '59 Gibson LP: The KIss.. Gibson SG '61 Meastro vibrola.. Gibson Goldtone GA30RVS.. Gibson GA20RVT..
  5. bosnialove

    NGD: 2003 Brazilian rosewood Gibson LP '59 Historic Reissue: The Kiss

    I have already mentioned many times and today I had some time to make some nice pics. I got it for a steal, from the first owner who bought the guitar new back in the day in Germany. Only thing changed is the original nut to a bone nut, otherwise full original. I dont know what it is, but this...
  6. bosnialove

    The 2003 Brazilian Rosewood Gibson LP '54,'56, '57, '58, '59 and '60 Historic RI thread

    Lets gather them all in this thread. I still haven't made a NGD for my 2003 Brazilian '59, because I didnt have time to make proper pics together with my Gibson amps, but I will do it soon. In the meanwhile heres a quick shot. 2003 Brazilian Rosewood Gibson Les Paul '59 Historic Reissue named...
  7. bosnialove

    What makes the SG have 'the thing' that the Les Paul doesnt have..

    I have been playing Les Pauls since the start. I rarely visit shops and when I do, I try Les Pauls. Recently a friend gave me a visit and instead of the usual LPs, he brought a '61 SG VOS Maestro with him. That thing sounded awesome. Eventually we made a deal and Im now the new owner. It has...
  8. bosnialove

    What Kind of Mods Can You Live With (or not) When Buying LPs

    Kust like the titles says. For me: - not original frets; - not original plastic parts; - not original modifications to the body (obviously); - not original pots; - when it has been refinished. My 2003 Brazilian 59 has a changed nut. I can live with that because everything else is...
  9. bosnialove

    i need: toggle switch cap amber from 2003 - 2007 lp Historic..

    Send me a pm if you haveone.. ormore
  10. bosnialove

    I need a used Gibson LP Historic nylon nut..

    I need a used Gibson LP Historic nylon nut..
  11. bosnialove

    Where can I buy a "Les Paul MODEL" silk screen template?

    I need it for a future build..
  12. bosnialove

    Post your road worn / naturally aged Les Pauls.. NFAOA

    N F A O A = No factory aged ones allowed. :p
  13. bosnialove

    How Do You Treat Your Les Pauls?

    I treat mine very badly. Especially regarding temparture changes. The guitar is located in my bedroom and during the day, it gets cold because the window get opened for fresh air. In the evenings it gets warm, because the heating is on. For a couple of years already. This, in combination with...
  14. bosnialove

    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    What do you choose when 2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. are being compared. There are some better and worse guitar in both years, but I mean a comparison based on: - vintage vibe; - plastic parts; - wood quality; - origin of the woods being used; - electronics; - nitro;
  15. bosnialove


  16. bosnialove

    Do all '59 Historic RI's from the year 2003 have a Braz. fretboard?

    Do all '59 Historic RI's from the year 2003 have a Braz. fretboard? Even though I'm very happy with my 2001 '59 Historic, I have always wanted a 2003 '59 Reissue with Braz. fretboard and I have decided not to wait anymore and start looking for one here in Europe.
  17. bosnialove

    Found and bought something rare again.. Look at this three piece Gibson combo..

    I'm picking up my Marshall Studio 15 this week.. In the meanwhile I saw this popping up and bought it immediately. It sounds soooo nice. Totally different than my Marshall JCM800, but for blues and for those hot clean tones, this is the perfect one. It has two channel, a the slightly hotter...
  18. bosnialove

    Anyone that can help me with an order at Soldier Straps?

    Registered, but did not receive an e-mail to confirm my account for an month already, sent the company many message without any reaction, I can't pay wit hcredit card, because I don't have one... But I want to order two times an particular customized strap from them. Is there anyone that can...
  19. bosnialove

    Need help: used to JCM800 4010 combo, same sound but smaller size

    Hi guys, I need some help. At home I'm used to the sound of a JCM800 4010 combo. Last week I found a band to try to gig with, but the amps at the place where they rent their gigging room are really shit. I want to bring my JCM800, but it is waaaay to heavy to deal with every week.. Going...
  20. bosnialove

    Throbak, WIZZ, DiMarzio, Schaller, Bumblebee, Gibson, ABR1

    For sale: - Throbak '55 / '56 -SB pickups: fixed price € 310,- (new price $ 450). The pickups have a 7.6K and 8.1K measurement. - WIZZ pickups: price € 260 (new price $ 425). The pickups have a 7.73K and 8.26K measurement. This set came back three years at a Historic Reissue Les Paul together...

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