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  1. HJR

    FSOT Gibson SG Standard 60 and EVH USA Wolfgang Hardtail

    Hi everyone, have a couple of guitars listed locally on OfferUp, that I thought to share on here. The listings cover the details. Would rather not ship if possible as I had a bad experience with a shipper before, but for any long term MLPers, I may be willing to make an exception. Here are the...
  2. HJR

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    So many great choices, but nothing beats a Les Paul Special in my book. You get the neck and bridge P90 sound, the solid mahogany body, and classic looks! It’s an R0, but with ‘58 specs.
  3. HJR

    Vintage 1956 Les Paul Special...well loved

    Add me to the list of those saying to leave the finish. You can get a reissue special it you really want one with a perfect finish. I have a 2007 and love it. See my avatar. Let yours keep its well earned beauty marks. Congrats and enjoy it!
  4. HJR

    NGD 2019 60th Southern Fade R9

    WOW!!! That’s a tough decision! Those are both top notch in the looks department.
  5. HJR

    Orville Trade?

    Thanks everyone for the replies, it was really helpful, even though the end result was an exact tie! Who would have guessed.
  6. HJR

    Orville Trade?

    So true! It was almost lust vs. love. I love the Wolfgang, but wow, is that Orville beautiful! And if it played well, it would have been tough to turn it down for a fling. No one tell the wife, I struggled with that distinction/decision. Haha!
  7. HJR

    Orville Trade?

    Very True! Was only thinking of moving the EVH, because I had a chance to try the EVH Custom and I think I may want to go in that direction with my Wolfgang. It had all the playability beauty of my USA, the clarity of the pickups too, but with a slightly deeper tone. I love the Wolgangs, I see...
  8. HJR

    Choosing the right PAF clones for my Les Paul's character...

    Reading this thread with interest and can only add, what a beautiful guitar and amp! And those pics are so nice! Good luck with the tone hunt!
  9. HJR

    Orville Trade?

    Thanks everyone! Definitely have given me a lot to think about.
  10. HJR

    Orville Trade?

    Pics always help!
  11. HJR

    Orville Trade?

    Hi all, I have a chance to trade my EVH Wolfgang USA Hardtail with ebony fretboard that is in mint Condition for an Orville Koa Les Paul that looks equally mint with only one small ding. I’m torn: the Orville is so nice but the Wolfgang is so nice to play. I know this being a LP forum I am...
  12. HJR

    Santie Claws Arrives Early - LP Special TV Yellow

    Wow! She’s sweet. I love my CS LP Special. Was really impressed with one of those 2019 I checked out. Gibson is smart for putting this model back in their lineup. It’s a classic and pretty unique in the LP range IMO. Enjoy her! Congrats!
  13. HJR

    Analysis Paralysis: I Can't Decide Which R8 to Keep

    On looks, the second one for me. But since you said you feel their looks are similar, I say play them as much as possible for 29 days, and I bet a favorite emerges. Whichever one you want to play more in the last week is the keeper.
  14. HJR

    My Les Paul Defect Burst - Beauty or the Beast?

    She looks fantastic! That sort of asymmetry on the flamey R8s is what I love about them. A lot of R9s are just too “perfect”, almost to the point of feeling like a photoflame. Yours is great and I absolutely love my R8. Enjoy it!
  15. HJR

    Easy Led Zeppelin Song?

    TortElvis was the best! Great guys too in DZ. They took the Pasadena party crown from VH in the 80s. Some of the guys still play around the area.
  16. HJR

    R8 Les Paul Blacktops

    Thanks Dan! It seems to be the case. Gives me time to sell a few things to save up, rather than “begging” the wife to let me blow our budget again. Haha!
  17. HJR

    R8 Les Paul Blacktops

    Thanks for the info. That helps.
  18. HJR

    R8 Les Paul Blacktops

    Was recently getting an itch for either a Goldtop or a black standard. Love customs, but I just love the clean look of standards. While google deepdiving, stumbled on pics of these blacktops and became smitten. I’ve seen blacktop pics before and thought they looked great but from what I...
  19. HJR

    Orville legit?

    Thanks wulfman!

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