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    Gibson Guitar CEO James 'JC' Curleigh Live In-Studio on Jonesy's Jukebox!

    Might be of interest to some even if only to discover Steve Jones' radio show.
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    Anyone seen this type of input jack

    It was from a Yamaha SF700 and the plastics broken :( Looks a bit over engineered but hoping to get a replacement as close as possible if able to.
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    Transformation of a MIJ Epiphone Les Paul ! Just a pity they used photoflames on those as even the plaintops look good.
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    Here's a rare beast a MIJ 56 Goldtop with P90's

    Only the second one I've seen of these, bth have 2000 serials.
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    Any idea which model Epi this is, olympic standard?

    Came across this cool Epi probably some kind of Japanese olympic. Always loved the simplicity of the DC melody makers, olympics etc Anyone know the model and a rough idea of their value? Thanks
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    How easy is it to add a headphone output to an amplifier

    Looking to add a headphone output to a Vibro Champ XD if it's not too complicated, thanks.
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    What's the best way to stop thebridge wire buzzing

    Drives me bloody nuts as I play quite a few of my guitars unplugged, start thinking it's frets buzzing and eventually track it down to the wire holding in the saddles.
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    Fake Burny RLC?

    Can't say I've seen a Burny RLC like this before headstock logo looks right off for Chinese or Japanese version.
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    NGD Yamaha LP-800C ebony or rosewood?

    Actually arrived a week or so ago by boat but I managed to refrain from opening it until xmas day :) First impressions are very good, plays really nice and in great condition still has the cellophane on the back cavity cover. Gold on the knobs and trc is very bright almost seems like new but I...
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    Anyone else having problems when clicking on links?

    Seems they've introduced some tracking software to the site Viglink , which seems to hijack any url's to log them? All it does for me is loop me back to the page.
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    MAX branded Les Paul

    Anyone know anything abut these MAX branded guitars? Can't seem to find much about them or where they were made.
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    Anyone know which Yamaha LPC model this is?

    Seen a few of them with the diamond inlay and 'Custom' TRC rather than the typical Yamaha inlay and TRC, I'm guessing they're earlier models or maybe export models? Looks to have been one of the higher models so maybe 650/700 with ebony board and bargain at 13K...
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    John Squire's Les Paul Custom

    Always loved the early Stone Roses music and the John Squire artwork for the covers. Reckon the Damien Hirst paint job on his LPC has got to be the best I've seen in a long time, anyone know any more about it? Sadly his fashion sense doesn't seem to stretch to shirts :)
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    Steve Jones - Les Paul decals.

    Has anyone got one of the Steve Jones Les Paul models and can tell me how the decals look in real life? Are they thick, easily scratched etc or buried under the clearcoat, look stupid etc. I bought some of the decals a few years ago but never got round to putting them on an LPC, they're...

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