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  1. rabidhamster

    Finally! Good News!

    I don’t know, maybe it’s the angle, but this looks like a photoshopping that didn’t even try.
  2. rabidhamster

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Sorry to hear man. Glad you’re out and about again. I was watching some antique cast iron restoration recently and the guy mentioned sometimes smooth as glass is a bad sign, could be it was sanded or blasted to be smooth which is bad for seasoning. Guess that doesn’t matter on the bottom of...
  3. rabidhamster

    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    It’s no problem with the car on and AC up, especially with an ice chest and insulation. It’s down right pampered compared to a ride in the band trailer down south when it’s 100 in the shade. Awesome I knew it! Glad your trip went safely!
  4. rabidhamster


    Awesome! That’ll make things a blast! I bet you might even enjoy riding a long too. For You golf course folks - on a Beach cart those wheels really aren’t big at all. You could still hang that thing up surprisingly easy if you aren’t driving mindfully. Standard golf cart wheels might...
  5. rabidhamster

    A Story of Thievery and Retrieval

    Good on you recognizing it wasn’t worth it. Lots of people would’ve insisted on restitution for the damages. You have stolen property I’ll either keep you here until the police arrive to write a formal report, or you can cough up all the money in your wallet to pay for the damages you...
  6. rabidhamster

    Share your feel-good stories here

    Man I’ll never be able to listen to his Orchestra the same way again
  7. rabidhamster

    Just Looking For Car Color Opinions (Poll)

    I voted original blue - with it you can just be the guy who drives that badass Mach 1 in the original blue. in otherwords IMO that car is cool enough on its own that you don’t really need to be the guy driving the most expensive John Wick movie memorabilia. Don’t get me wrong if I drove a 90s...
  8. rabidhamster

    I may have the covid. UPDATE in the OP.....still maybe

    I’m surprised they even let you back to work already. Was the second test negative also? feel better quickly my friend!
  9. rabidhamster

    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    It’ll be fine no worries at all. If you want to err on the side of caution place the case up against the back of the rear seat and cover it in blankets. Then put the ice chest in front of that. (12 hours and no passenger compartment room means you are bringing an ice chest right?) Doing this...
  10. rabidhamster

    Parental affair - to confront or not to confront, that is the ?

    Having a mistress come and take the money earmarked for the care of your mother instead of paying a real caregiver MIGHT be something the Adult Protective Services would want to hear about. Not sure if they can do anything about it or not but if nothing else maybe they can scare gramps...
  11. rabidhamster

    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    Call the FBI or better yet hop on the website to their easy online form and report the mail fraud. They can find him if they choose to. It will be best if everyone slighted fills out the form as close to each other as possible I would think.
  12. rabidhamster


    He may have saved that little dipshits life with that education.
  13. rabidhamster

    So bummed out!

    Nah, I trash dug there regularly for over a decade - it’s all just boxes and the cheap molded cables that come in the Epi boxes. There are instrument liquidators that buy these in bulk. You can find them on eBay - it’s astounding what people pay for a “new” guitar with a Still-broken headstock...
  14. rabidhamster

    Les paul over PRS

    1996 wasn’t a bad year but it wasn’t a special year for wood or specs or anything , it’s just an older used guitar. If you don’t have many guitars, a ce24 and a LP are nicely complimentary IMO they can both back each other up well enough while also being able to provide distinctly different tones.
  15. rabidhamster

    Les paul over PRS

    Not a step up at all. The PRS is at least as good of a guitar, but it is different. I would absolutely not trade a CE and $1000 for a les Paul Standard, but it’s your money.
  16. rabidhamster

    My Way Overboard 1966 Blackface Super Reverb Restoration

    Man that looks awesome killer job!! Having done the Mallory cap re-stuff I know what a tedious job it is. You really took it to the next level - you’d never guess those are restuffed even looking at the side caps. The recrimping on the paper looks particularly good.
  17. rabidhamster

    Your Roland Experience!

    I had a little Roland Jazz Chorus for a minute, maybe it was the Jc-20? Sounded shockingly good for its size, had the sound of a little JC, but admittedly not as huge sounding as the 120. I currently have an older Roland keyboard amp that I like. Would make a decent acoustic amp, or be...
  18. rabidhamster

    Should I return my new Gibson Custom?

    the right one looks like a much better case to me. The materials look better, logo looks better, crushed velvet looks nicer... and then surprise surprise the reveal is the Canadian case is the one that’s clearly nicer to me. the Video reviewers “case creaks when you open it” Criticism isn’t...
  19. rabidhamster

    India vs China

    20 soldiers just on the Indian side were killed in Hand to hand combat?
  20. rabidhamster

    Why do people reverse the phase of half the speakers?

    i wonder if it would help with feedback in microphonic guitars. Before surgical tubing or putting thread in the spring. I’ve seen it quite a bit too, but always assumed some hamfist had done it accidentally somehow. maybe they wanted to take advantage of the free comb filter?

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