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  1. NHDave

    NGD 2019 58 ri LP Green Lemon Gloss

    Some pics of my new LP, my buddy had his eye on some other things and I picked it up from him this week. Gloss Green Lemon fade... big neck, dark Indian board, plays and sounds great, stays in tune nice... (originally came from Dave's) pickup covers were a little blingy so I took a...
  2. NHDave

    Delete. Thanks

    Sold delete. Thx
  3. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson ES-335 Dot Natural Mint, sold, delete, thanks

    2019 Gibson ES-335 dot dark natural. last of some of the Memphis built 335's, gloss finish, 8 lbs 3 oz, plays and sounds very nice. low hours, no fretwear or dings. MHS II pickups, nicely cut nut, bridge slots, Comes with COA, ohsc and case candy. Just bought my friend's R8, so no...
  4. NHDave


  5. NHDave

    FS: Marshall Jubilee 2525C Mini sold locally

    sold locally :)
  6. NHDave


  7. NHDave

    sold delete, thx

    sold locally
  8. NHDave

    now sold

    2019 Dean Cadillac Select sold please delete thx
  9. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson Custombucker set, mint

    Gibson Custom Buckers, sold
  10. NHDave

    FS: 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Honeyburst

    2017 Les Paul Standard, sold delete
  11. NHDave

    FS: 2018 Gibson SG Junior SOLD

    sold elsewhere, please delete, thanks
  12. NHDave

    Delete thx

  13. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Charvel Pro Mod Burgundy Mist w/ebony board

    withdrawn, thanks!
  14. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson SG 61 w/maestro trem

    2019 SG 1961 standard with stock maestro trem, excellent condition, light surface wear on pickguard, however the guitar is otherwise clean. all stock. plays and sounds nice. the trem imho, has a nicer tone than the sideways trem. stock 61 pickups, nice dark rosewood board, frets are...
  15. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson SG Special Burgundy Sparkle

    please delete
  16. NHDave

    FS: various pickups Dimarzio, Duncan, Gibson

    please delete thanks
  17. NHDave

    WTB: Gibson Custom Buckers

    Looking for a clean recent set of custom bucker pickups in brushed (aka raw nickel). Might also consider uncovered with black on screw coil. (Have seen from time to time) Reasonable only, sorry not interested in the high reverb listings Thx.
  18. NHDave

    2019 SG 61 reissues, are there two versions?

    Hi a little confused, seeing 2019 SG 61 reissues... some of them have "SG" on the truss rod cover and I think model year (2019) imprinted on rear of headstock and the newer ones (original collection, I assume) do not. can someone explain? hard to glean any details as the website...
  19. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special tv blonde

    Delete. Thx

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