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  1. Gear-Monkey

    Carparelli S2 Les Paul knock off

    Carparelli S2 Les Paul knock off -- made in Korea from a Canadian company formally known as Dot on Shaft. Around 6 months ago, Mike Carparelli, (owner of D.O.S) dropped the D.O.S name and is now going by Caparelli Guitars exclusively. This S2 is about 1-year old and is in mint condition --...
  2. Gear-Monkey

    Les Paul knock-off - Carparelli S2 - How much?

    Hey guys, I posted this on H-C too, but thought you guys would have more insight, so I am posting it here too.... I'm thinking about selling my Carparelli S2 but I have no idea how much to ask for it. It is a LP knock off that was made in Korea from a Canadian company formally known as...
  3. Gear-Monkey

    Sponge Bob Square Pants -Metal w/vox

    My old singer and I wanted to do something different, so we decided on re-doing Sponge Bob Square Pants song. This was a blast making this and thought I'd share with you guys. Listen to.... Sponge Bob Square Pants Gear Used: Peavey mic (for vox) Vox ToneLab Epiphone Classic Peavey...
  4. Gear-Monkey

    Gibson Custom Shop Limited Zakk Wylde V & Mesa Roadster (youtube videos)

    Hey guys, I finally got that Gibson Custom Shop Limited Edition Zakk Wylde Flying V Bullseye in. It's not my guitar.. a buddy loaned it to me so I could make up some quick reviews and write a few articles. I'm playing it through a Mesa Boogie Roadster stock that is tapped into a Mesa...
  5. Gear-Monkey

    Today only for LP members- 1999 MIJ RG520 Ibanez w/Hardshell

    1999 RG520QS MIJ with Black Chrome Edge trem. These guitars are amazing. The guitar is near mint! It's been in the closet most of it's life... it might have 4hrs total playing time. The pups were upgraded to EMG [H4] and comes with a Hard Shell Case. Ibanez RG520 Quilted Maple...
  6. Gear-Monkey

    New Amp day. Lots of Hi-Res photos/ not 56k friendly. Roaster content

    What was Mesa Boogie thinking when they designed the Roadster? I mean this thing has more bells and whistle than anything I've ever touched... including the long and short head Mark IVs that I've owned. 6L6 to EL34 switchable 100 to 50 watt switchable reverb gobbs of channels, and loads...
  7. Gear-Monkey

    Hello everyone

    Just found this site last night whilst surfing the world wide web. Very cool. I personally don't own a Les Paul right now. I had owned several over the years. My current guitar is a ESP/LTD truckster... I;m looking at buying agile, and perhaps another LP. LP style guitars are my...

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