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    Changing amp character

    So, I bought a Gibson Goldtone online, an amp I also had years ago. This one has the same speaker, but different tubes, and has had a Mercury Magnetics OT put in. It has a good sound especially clean, but the overdrive doesn’t sound like how I remember. It sounds much more like a Tweed Deluxe...
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    NGD: '14 Traditional Pro II HCSB

    Just got this from Guitar Center the other day. It shipped with super dirty dead strings and was covered in a film of residue from being played, but otherwise in really nice condition. I played it for a few days as is and it was pretty good, though a little muddy sounding. Yesterday I put on...
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    FS: Gibson Burstbucker 1&2 - $60 each

    Aged nickel burstbucker 1 and chrome burstbucker 2 - $60 each shipped and PayPal'd. eBay and reverb references available if desired. Pictures to come.
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    NGD: Berumen German Carve

    Just got this guitar today after having my eye on Berumen guitars for years now. Comes with Wolfetone Legends which sound great. Split coils for more versatility. Excellent sustain as good as anything I've experienced. Solid construction, impeccable work built by one man who knows what he's...
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    Seems legit....

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar 711106011080 | eBay
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    Who here has both Gibson and foreign LPs?

    Speak up! Who here has both a Gibson and non-US-made LP? In your experience, how does the non-US one compare/contrast? Buying my Special has opened up the gateway drug of Les Pauls, but I don't think I'll have the cash for a Gibson any time soon. Is a non-US-made one a step down or just...
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    RC Pickups...any experience with them?

    I had never heard of them until I watched the Doug and Pat Show P90 shootout on YouTube and they sounded great there. His own demos on YouTube sound good, too. And they're reasonably priced. I may take the plunge and order a set of P90s, a slightly hotter A5 bridge and an A2 neck. I haven't...
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    Refin or no refin?

    I've got an LP Special incoming. At first I was thinking there'd be no way I would refinish it, even though I've gotten my other two electrics refinished. I like the simplicity of the natural wood, but I've been thinking more about it. I bought this Les Paul for its classic look, as my...
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    New member (and my guitar collection)

    Figured I'd post over here since most of my guitars aren't LPs. Happy to be on the forum. Here's my modest collection.
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    New member and '00 LP Special

    Hey all, longtime lingerer and fan of this forum. Thought about joining a few years ago when I picked up an Edwards goldtop but didn't bond with it and got rid of it. Just bought a 2000 LP Special with P-100's off a guy on TGP. Always loved the mini-trap inlays and thought it was a badass...

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