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    A first for me I think

    Drove to my gig..... car thermometer reading 99 degrees. Got set up OUTSIDE on an enclosed stage painted all black.....NO ONE OUTSIDE .... NO ONE IN THE BAR..... 20 minutes in I am so dehydrated even chugging water that I was losing my voice..... only people are my wife and one of our friends. I...

    You ever get tired of being the nice guy?

    Everyone around here borrows everything of mine. My old pickup truck 3 days in a row 3 different people had it....... My computer is always in use by someone else. Neighbor has been doing her unemployment on it...... it won't even turn on now. But of course I will have to foot the bill to repair...

    Combining mixers

    I may need more channels on my mixer for the band. I have a smaller mixer. I know you can combine two boards together but every video I have found seems more in depth than simply HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT. Can I simply run main outs(xlr) from one board into the input (xlr) of 2 channels of the main...

    I havent posted about this in a while

    I HATE BAR OWNERS LOL!!! Called a place yesterday. Guy in charge of bands is named Jim. His phone was not working so I called bar and asked for him. Woman said "Yep he is setting right here, hang on" she yells HEY JIM, ITS FOR YOU.......OK......YOU DON'T WANNA TALK......WANTBME TO TAKE A...

    My last 2 gigs

    UNGODLY HOT. I played wed night right on lake St Mary's. I was dripping sweat and it got to the point I was getting light headed right at the end. Right at dark the lake started stinking really badly. Played Sunday at a brewerys beer garden. NOT conducive to live music because there was just...

    I need a tele case

    I don't want to spend more on the case than the guitar is worth. Anyone have one for sale or can you recommend a decent one on the cheap side?

    Another cover

    You guys were so nice about the last one....... this song has a family history for me. My mom walked into a little restaurant in Stearns ky and my dad was playing this song. It was the first time she ever saw him. I learned it in case she ever showed up on a gig. One night she walked in and I...

    Me covering one of my favorite songs

    Ignore the ugly fat guy...that's me. I think this is a downfall of my solo gigs. I would just as soon set and play stuff like this all night.

    First gig back

    Wed night I have my first solo gig since this "pandemic" started. I haven't touched my strat in a couple months (playing acoustic and the new tele) I hope I remember the songs lol.

    Here we go again

    You guys remember me posting about all the string breakage...... haven't broken one in forever. Broke one last night and 2 today..... 2 different guitars. Today even using a light gauge pick. I HAVE to be doing something. I hit the strings with my fingers even using a pic. This is aggravating as...

    Ham fisted repair work

    I got the tele body all wire up and ready for the neck..... ordered a new reamer to open the peg holes for the new Fender locking tuners. It came after a week and a half (can you believe not ONE locally at any hardware store) got the holes teamed out.....marked the small holes and drilled em...

    Just a stupid funny gig story...kinda

    I have a friend who has been like a son to us for many years. Great kid who was friends with Jake. A few years ago he got married and brought his new wife to one of my solo shows. I knew they had been trying to have a baby so I got on the mic and said...BUD YOU BETTER MOVER HER AWAY FROM THAT...

    You guys are never wrong.

    When I first posted about getting into the band you guys were against it. Saying why mess up my solo stuff. THEN I told you about one member who just has a shitty attitude. Very Diva-ish. Since this shut down he has been unbearable..... he is always "over it" a couple of days ago one of my...

    Reamer vs drilling tuner holes

    I am going to Install some fender locking tuners on the tele I am redoing. I am gonna have to enlarge the peg holes to 10mm. I have a reamer but the maple in this headstock is hard as a rock. I bet I worked half hour today and didn't get one hole finished. I have been watching some YouTube...

    3 or 4 way tele switch

    Along with the epi, I am putting a tele together. I have a 4 way switch and a 3 way switch.......the 4 way mod looks easy enough but has anyone here done it and is it worth the trouble?

    Another part search

    You guys came through on the epi les Paul parts. I have another project guitar I need ONE part for. I have a peavey reactor. I tore it apart and a container got dumped . I have found 5 out of 6 of the ferrule or bushings or whatever the term is. The little press in bushings on the headstock...

    $75 epi les paul

    I just got a message asking if I wanted to buy a les paul (epi) for 75 bucks. I have seen the guitar a year ago and the hardware was pretty corroded. Selector switch was broken BUT the guy says the pickups, truss rod etc etc all work and other than being grungy if I put a new switch in he...

    Graph tech saddles

    I posted in the pickup section for advice on some tele pickups and I THINK I have made a decision on what to get. I have a question about saddles. I am rebuilding a Peavey Reactor. I want a tele and this I think is a good platform. I like the neck so...... anyway I removed the steel saddles and...

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    I have posted this before. I have always been a guy that drank very little. When I did drink everything got funny. I could see you fall and break your arm and I would laugh. HOWEVER the last few times I have drank, I have gotten incredibly sad and depressed. Bad enough that I told my wife today...

    Damn.... 4 people I know

    About a week ago I found out a guy I know took his own life. He was in fla. and depressed over money and shot himself. We were not tight but he would come over if he heard me playing in the shed....... 3 days ago another guy I know was found unresponsive. Heart issues and is brain dead. Today...

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