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    1971 Gibson SG Deluxe

    OK, Latest and greatest gear to join the stable. A 1971 Gibson SG Deluxe with a Gibsonesque Bigsby thing on the end to make restringing so much easier. If you thought restringing your guitar was difficult, restringing the high B and E strings on this guitar is quite literally a two man job...
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    NGD - 1973 Les Paul Standard

    OK, New guitar for my online shop. An all original 1973 Les Paul Standard - 1958 Re-issue. Because the sides are not book-matched, the guitar has a number 2 above the serial. Allegedly, only 4 were ever made in 1973. Available online on my store from this weekend. *Mod Edit* It will be...
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    The Gibson Les Paul Custom 2010

    Looking at a 2010 Custom model no Model: LPC-EBCH1 Like a silver black beauty. Questions are: (1) Is this Richlite or Ebony? Looks like it has a grain. (2) Were the 2010 Custom's of this model chambered or not a single block of mahogany. (Maple top for example.)
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    This is not a Re-issue.....or is it?

    Guy posting a Les Paul in my home town claiming it to be a 50's Reissue. No particular year is mentioned, and it has a standard Les Paul booklet with the following model and serial information. Did Gibson make generic standards in 2005 and call them "50's Reissues"? Look's like a standard Les...
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    1969 Gibson SG

    Morning SG fans. Living in Perth in Western Australia, I met a guy who tried out for AC-DC here in 1972 when he was 14. The story goes that my friend tried out with Angus and Malcolm for a few weeks, but was denied an opportunity to record or gig with the brothers because his parents said he...
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    Posting images with a business watermark.

    I have an online store with my all of my guitars for sale. The photos have my business watermark. I dont really want to advertise my stuff for sale here, and that is not my intention. But in the process of providing imagery of a particular instrument, it is easier for me just to reference the...
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    NVGD 59 Junior

    Landed this '59 Les Paul Jr this year. The first thing that was really striking was the sustain and the tone. Baseball bat neck and a repaired neck heel behind the headstock. Original tuners are back on after schallers were installed. It's virtually impossible to describe what this sounds like...
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    NGD - Les Paul Deluxe

    Picked up my first 1970's Les Paul yesterday. It arrived from the USA from a shop in New Mexico. A 1973 Les Paul Deluxe. Great sound and really vibrant guitar even before you plug it into the amplifier. 100% original with no damage.
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    SG Standard Setup

    Bought an SG Standard last night and the tone is incredible. My question relates to the heights of the bridge and the saddle bar behind it. In comparison to the SG Special, the neck is at quite an angle, and as such, the bridge and the saddle sit quite high away from the body to get the...
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    Les Paul Elegant

    Just looking to purchase a Les Paul in the coming months. One that has presented itself recently is the Les Paul 'Elegant' with a butterscotch finish. I dont want to say too much about it to protect the privacy of the seller, but some of the features of this 1999 guitar look pretty...

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