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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    Fat Boost 3 has been a mainstay on a number of boards of mine over the years. Nice flexible boost. I like the OCD with a Pro Junior and a Tele A LOT. Liked it pretty well with a Champ, too. For some reason I don’t like it into any big amp I’ve tried. But yeah, Fulltone makes good stuff...
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    Got it all boxed up and ready to go. How does $550 to a MLP user sound? Let’s make a deal.
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    I had it down briefly and then relisted at a lower price.
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    Sold at $599!
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    Changing amp character

    Vintage 30, a speaker I like a lot, and what was also in the last Goldtone I had.
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    Changing amp character

    no worries, I appreciate the honesty. I’m really not a big mod/tweak type guy, so getting something that ticks all the boxes is probably for the best.
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    Changing amp character

    So, I bought a Gibson Goldtone online, an amp I also had years ago. This one has the same speaker, but different tubes, and has had a Mercury Magnetics OT put in. It has a good sound especially clean, but the overdrive doesn’t sound like how I remember. It sounds much more like a Tweed Deluxe...
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    If You Could Play Through Anyone’s Rig For An Hour...

    Cantrell’s sig Friedman is probably my favorite modern high gain amp. Sounds perfect to my ear.
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    If You Could Play Through Anyone’s Rig For An Hour...

    Dean DeLeo’s tone on the second STP album has pretty much always been my tonal benchmark. They’re not my favorite band, though I’ve always loved his tone. So, his rig.
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    What MIJ LPs had amazing stock pickups: Dry Z, etc.

    I’m not sure what pickups Ibanez copies from the 70s would’ve had, but if they’re either Super 70s or Super 58s, I think those are both fantastic sounding pickups.
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    Gibson ES-Les Paul: Will Its Value Increase Over The Decades?

    I have doubts that any mass produced guitar will be super valuable in time with future generations. The ES LPs are not rare, they don’t have Brazilian boards, they’re not endorsed or played by any major artist that I’m aware of, and I don’t know how popular overall they are now. But they are...
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    When choosing a new Les Paul?

    As long as it’s not a boat anchor I can make it work. I had a ‘14 Classic that had to be over 10 pounds , that was a bit much though it did sound great. I guess the most comfortable LPs I’ve had have been just over 8.
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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    Six minutes or less.
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    Chrome, or gold on ebony customs?

    Sorry. Gold, no question.
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    How do you choose a guitar online? (Inspired by Corona)

    There’s always going to be some chance involved buying online. If you can buy from a place that has a return policy, that protects you a bit if you don’t like the guitar once you get it. There are many stores that have Reverb listings and also offer returns. Not ideal to return, but good to...
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    therapeutic amp rolling

    I just got a Goldtone GA15RV that I’ve been enjoying. Have been toying with the idea of trying it in stereo with my dad’s Valvestate AV150 I’ve been storing for him. It’s got a big decent clean sound at least, could be cool. Maybe I’ll give that a go.
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    Should I do it?

    Not sure what BBs you have, but I’ve had the 1/2 set and the DiMarzios. I prefer the BB, which I find to have a more “PAF” type sound, at least what I equate to be the idyllic PAF tone. More open, a more pleasing bite to my ear. I find the 36th annies a bit more middy and compressed. A good...
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    Hardluck guitars Spider.......(Firebird copy)

    Saw that on there, looked interesting. They’ve got a ‘98 Epiphone LP Studio for $195 I’ve been considering as a candidate for upgrades. Which means if I’m considering it’ll be gone soon, most stuff doesn’t last long at Dave’s. Enjoy your guitar, haven’t had any experience with Hard Luck guitars.
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    Almost NGD teaser

    Bartlett is unquestionably in my top 10 if not top 5 guitars I’d like to play/own someday. Sounds like they’re as good as advertised. Thanks for sharing, she’s a beaut!

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