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  1. im_b0r3d_


    ****, almost left this group 10 times trying to find the new whatever part. shouldn't curse according to new rules or somethin' but i havent been here in awhile so gimme some amnesty was gud mlp? Uhh just posted that on Teen Axe Dudes. It's been so long, but I'm eager to hear the...
  2. im_b0r3d_

    All or nothing?

    Which to pursue? Seriously.
  3. im_b0r3d_


    Okay, okay, so it's a few days after, but I finally took some pictures. Here's the Craigslist Classic! It's a 99' in honeyburst, and at the time they only made goldtops, so that's the special edition. This is the best player I've ever tried. And the natural aging process its been through only...
  4. im_b0r3d_

    Gibson LP Studio Fireburst

    As some of you know I just made a deal on a Classic and now have to sell this to pay it off. :D I'll leave it up here for a few days before putting it on Craigslist where I expect it to go fast. It's an April 06 Studio, and yes, that means it isn't chambered. It doesn't have holes for...
  5. im_b0r3d_

    Should I buy it?

    It's a 99 Classic. (Atleast that's what I've got from the serial number, still waiting for Gibson to get back to me.) I don't mind the inlay color personally. It's comes with an old Gibson protector case that's pretty beat up. The tuners were changed to Grovers. I got to play it today...
  6. im_b0r3d_

    Help identify this

    This is from my local Craigslist at a great price. Bad pictures, but I need some information. The seller said he changed the tuners to the Grovers that are on now. I've never seen the limited edition on the back of the neck. Also, what is the case? He say's it's an old plastic Gibson case, I...
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    Your new avatar looks like you are looking into my soul. Come on we've had more useless threads than this lately.
  8. im_b0r3d_

    1,000 Posts!

    Woot. :cool:
  9. im_b0r3d_

    10 year old guitarist jamming with teacher

    Awesome video! This kid has talent, and only playing for a year. YouTube - 10 year old guitar Virtuoso meets old fat guy. And they both have Les Pauls :naughty::naughty:
  10. im_b0r3d_

    Gibson Sg Special Faded?

    Has anyone tried or own one? I'm thinking of buying one and upgrading the pick ups. (With WB's) I'm going to try some out in Guitar Center next weekend, but some reviews would be a big help. :fingersx: I tried one at Guitar Center a few weeks ago and hated it, but a few days ago I...

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