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  1. jwinger

    Two Sets of Vintage PAFs Compared

    A very unscientific test for those that may be interested... The sunburst has a late PAF (60-62) in the bridge measuring 7.8 ohms and a purple wire PAT (62) in the neck measuring 7.6 ohms . The goldtop has a long magnet PAF (57-60) in the bridge measuring 7.1ohms and a OX4 rewound short magnet...
  2. jwinger

    Genuine OTPG PAFs for Sale

    With full providence. Selling only because I've bitten the bullet on another set of old PAFs. Full details at the link: OTPG PAFs Any questions, let me know :)
  3. jwinger

    VLOG - Learning Slide Guitar

    So recently I cut my finger so decided to get myself a slide and knuckle down. I'm 5 days into the battle. Man, it's like learning another instrument. I feel like a complete beginner all over again. But with some perseverance - a couple of hours a day so far - I'm starting to see some progress...
  4. jwinger

    A Huge Tone Influence Nobody Talks About

    I've recently had an eye opening experience on just what a huge impact how saddles are cut can have on tone. I have a 58gt replica and a 59 burst replica. Both have always been great guitars but the burst rang noticeably better accoustically. Just thought it must have had extra special wood or...
  5. jwinger

    OTPG Pickups - Video Review

    Updated with video: So I recently got the chance to buy a couple of these at a reasonable price from a guy that help develop a few of the other OTPG parts and who I purchased a set of PAFs from previously. Firstly they really look the part. I mean, I'm not a stone cold expert but next to a...
  6. jwinger

    Mike Bloomfield PAF

    Thought I'd share...vintage pafs into an 72 deluxe reverb. Not far off right!? Tone wise that is...I still need to give the playing some work!
  7. jwinger

    Vintage PAFs - Review and Sound Clip

    Like many of you here I've been pretty obsessed with tone since I started playing guitar. And when it comes to pickups the old ones always seem to be touted as the holy grail. I've played a lot of great modern winders - bareknuckle, OTPG etc - but eventually I took the plunge on an early PAT...
  8. jwinger

    Italian Job- 1959 Les Paul Replica

    Lucky enough to pick this up recently. Originally built for my friend stowburst of OX4 pickups but luckily it's made it my way in the end. Absoutley spectacular sounding guitar...Well, to my ears anyway. These things are a work of art. Pics and vid below :)
  9. jwinger

    Analogman RCA Sunface Demo

    Demo of the sunface side of my sunlion. Man this pedal is just the bees knees. Into my milkman creamer set low volume and dead clean. Chasetone secret preamp and a delay running after the fuzz. When I'm talking about dark and mid setting that's on the chasetone. Fuzz is cranked.
  10. jwinger

    Tone King Falcon for Sale UK

    Tone King Falcon
  11. jwinger

    Speaker Bargain Sale!! (UK)

    Clearing out my cupboard of speakers. All very reasonable prices for quick sale. Grab yourself a bargain Vintage Jensen P12R - 8ohms - £80 Celestion G10 Alnico Gold - 8ohms - £120...
  12. jwinger

    Couple of awesome pedals for sale (uk)

    Hey kids Grab em while they are hot: Hudson Electronics Gospel Bomb £100 Thunder Tomate Phil Hilbourne Fat Treble Boost £80
  13. jwinger

    Pigtail Lightweight abr1 for sale (uk)

    See link :)
  14. jwinger

    Celestion Gold G10 & Hudson Broadcast

    Installed this speaker in a Tone King Falcon replacing the stock Eminence Ragin Cajun and I've put about 4 hours on it now. Have to say I'm hugely impressed. The Eminence was nice but a bit flat and one dimensional sounding... It didn't compress much and felt and sounded quite hard, especially...
  15. jwinger

    WTB: Vintage Firebird Pickup

    Hello Long shot this one but looking for a 63-64 Firebird pickup. If anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale please do get in touch Thanks Johnny
  16. jwinger

    Victoria Tweed Bandmaster Cranked

    First time I've really had a chance to wind this amp up. Here's a short clip taken ahead of band practice. The amp is a Victoria 35310 Tweed Bandmaster clone. Stock apart from a couple of tweaks. All NOS tubes with a 12ax7 in v1 rather than the usual 12ay7 which I find a bit anaemic and...
  17. jwinger

    HELP PLEASE - Victoria 5E7 Bandmaster Bias Question

    Hello good people Recently picked up this amp second hand and it sounds great. I'm currently running a 5u4gb and Jan Phillips 6l6WGBs, which I understand are the same internals as a 6l6GC really, so can be biased liked a 30watt tube if you want without issues. The bias is currently...
  18. jwinger

    NGD: 1958 Goldtop Replica

    I've had a 54 GT replica for a while now from an unbelievable builder and good friend who's worked on countless 50s LPs and spent years perfecting these replicas which he builds from scratch himself. I've been waiting a good few years for this 58 so great to finally get my hands on it! Have to...
  19. jwinger

    FS: UK Gibson GA-20 - Like Fender Tweed Deluxe This superb sounding 1950 Gibson GA-20 is in PERFECT working order. It has recently been serviced by the excellent team at Charlie Chandler's Guitars. The inherent weaknesses of the amp in its original form are volume and clean headroom. Both of...
  20. jwinger

    Reverb Plus Tweed Trick

    I'm amazed I didn't think of it sooner but if anyone has been struggling to get a reverb to sound GREAT and perfectly natural with an overdriven tweed, try splitting the signal stereo. Have the guitar plugged in to the cranked bright input and the reverb 100% wet into the normal channel where...

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