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  1. JimmyO

    NGD Les Paul Standard 50s WW Select Unburst

    Hi everyone, Fortunate to be posting my second NGD this year. It’s my birthday this month and my wife asked if I would like to get a new guitar. So I replied ........yes.....yes I do. Earlier that day I’d been looking at a new batch of Wildwood select Les Paul 50s Standards they’d just got...
  2. JimmyO

    Joe Perry Boneyard - New bridge

    Back in 2006 my wife bought me this Joe Perry Boneyard for my birthday. She knew I’m a big Aerosmith and Joe Perry fan and surprised me. Over the years I’ve kept it maintained and put in Gotoh tuners when the keystone ones started getting loose. I put in some Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates as I...
  3. JimmyO

    NGD Wildwood Select 50s & First Post!

    Hi everyone, Been playing Les Pauls for several years now, but just received this one from Wildwood, so thought I’d register and post some pictures for you. It’s a shame I can’t replicate the new guitar smell. This one was incredible. Definitely in honeymoon mode right now but love the...

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