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  1. JimmyO

    59 Tribute pickups

    I have two of the Wildwood select bursts, and the pickups are fantastic. I asked the sales guy if they were the same as the 59 tribute 2014 versions, he wasn’t 100% but knew that they are currently something special for that specific Wildwood select line. The specs and description are so...
  2. JimmyO

    So here's that Mississippi Queen (NGD)

    I know you were not really serious but have to say - Send it back? Hell no! That guitar is gorgeous, and the fact it resonates and plays well shows it’s a keeper. If in doubt you can send it to me! I’ll even pay shipping. I’m fortunate to have 3 Gibson Les Pauls. None of them is...
  3. JimmyO

    NGD Les Paul Standard 50s WW Select Unburst

    oh wow, that is really nice. I love how although from the same series, each guitar is unique with its own flametop patterns. Some have tight horizontal flames, some wide and almost quilted, some have a V shaped flame pattern. I agree there’s a lot to love about these latest Gibson’s and this...
  4. JimmyO

    NGD Les Paul Standard 50s WW Select Unburst

    Thanks for all the good vibes and birthday wishes guys, and for posting some beautiful guitars! Not sure if I’ll be having another NGD for a while so very much enjoying this one, thanks for sharing with me.
  5. JimmyO

    NGD Les Paul Standard 50s WW Select Unburst

    Hi everyone, Fortunate to be posting my second NGD this year. It’s my birthday this month and my wife asked if I would like to get a new guitar. So I replied ........yes.....yes I do. Earlier that day I’d been looking at a new batch of Wildwood select Les Paul 50s Standards they’d just got...
  6. JimmyO

    Joe Perry Boneyard - New bridge

    I really like the top on your one! The flame is nice and tight. I noticed a lot of the Boneyards have different flames, like mine are much wider as if they used a sharpie in places to highlight the grain ;) At least all the variety shows they used individual bits of wood or vaneer instead of...
  7. JimmyO

    Joe Perry Boneyard - New bridge

    Back in 2006 my wife bought me this Joe Perry Boneyard for my birthday. She knew I’m a big Aerosmith and Joe Perry fan and surprised me. Over the years I’ve kept it maintained and put in Gotoh tuners when the keystone ones started getting loose. I put in some Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates as I...
  8. JimmyO

    NGD First Gibson Les Paul Stamdard 60s Unburst

    That looks awesome! Happy new guitar day. For straps for my Les Pauls I use this one: I also install Schaller S locks to keep everything safe and secure. Congrats and enjoy!
  9. JimmyO

    NGD Wildwood Select 50s & First Post!

    Thanks everyone, appreciate all the positive vibes. Had a chance to test it out with my Splawn Quickrod today. The newer Splawn’s let you attenuate the overall volume using the fx loop so got some nice hot rodded JCM800 tones while not upsetting the family too much as we are staying at home...
  10. JimmyO

    NGD Wildwood Select 50s & First Post!

    Hi everyone, Been playing Les Pauls for several years now, but just received this one from Wildwood, so thought I’d register and post some pictures for you. It’s a shame I can’t replicate the new guitar smell. This one was incredible. Definitely in honeymoon mode right now but love the...

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