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    Epiphone 100th Anniversary vs Gibson Les Paul ’50s Tribute 2016T

    Hi Guys! Needs help with this one - thinking about playing guitar again after 2 years break and searched market for my one precious gear. Found those two:
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    Neck cracked in Epiphone Marcus Henderson Apparition

    Hello Guys! I've recently started to look for another gear and that little beauty has come to my mind. I heard it's farily good for the price and its look fits my new band. Unfortunately, I'm wondering if this crack is serious business and can be repaird easily by a pro or gear is rather dead...
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    Superstrat superchoice

    Hey Guys! You have helped me several times with chosing a guitar and I believe that this time I won't be disappointed again;). As I live in the almost-third-world country named Poland and the choice of guitar is kinda limited here and also the possibility of buying gear on some foreign sources...
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    Gibson Flying V Faded vs. Dean 30th Anniversary V

    Hello guys! I have recently started thinking about changing my first almost-like-a-pro gear Gibson Flying V Special Faded for something else to get experience with gears. Unfortunately, I can't afford two different guitars. Recently I was offered Dean Flying V 30th Anniversary (Korean one)...
  5. J

    Tony Iommi Signature

    Hey Anyone have had any experience with both Gibson or Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature? I heard it got very good pickups and straplocks in right place. Best wishes Matt
  6. J

    Somekind of Goldtop

    Hello to everyone! I'm looking for good Goldtop, unfortunetly Gibosons are to expensive. So far I have a possibility of buying used Slash Signature for about 700$. Any others suggestions? Best wishes, Matt

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