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    My Arrangment of Charlie Chaplin's SMILE

    This is obviously a rough run thru of my arrangement of Charlie Chaplin’s SMILE. I was working it up to play behind a vocalist with a bit of a guitar solo where the guitar plays the melody at 0:45. I found this on my phone from a year ago when I was practicing on my lunch hour at work. I’d...
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    WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD - 1940 Gibson EH-185 lap steel and Dell'Arte acoustic guitar

    Like a lot of people I'm staying home, not much cash in the bank, and have lost my job. But I do have some time to record and I thought this song was appropriate. I still believe this is a wonderful world - we are just going thru a really hard time right now. Looking forward to us all looking...
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    Playing mandolin on a great tune with a great young singer/songwriter, Ashley Sofia

    There is a young singer songwriter, Ashly Sofia, in Nashville (moved here from the Adirondacks) who asked me to play mando on one of the tracks on her upcoming album. The tune I played on, ADIRONDACK DREAMS, was featured today on The Bluegrass Situation - which is Ed Helms (Andy Bernard on THE...
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    Lamest Rock and Roll Song of All Time

    Here you go...
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    Forgot to bring my slide to the gig - had to use a shot glass

    At a gig last night I forgot to bring my slide. Borrowed a shot glass from the bartender. It was so wide I had to put both my 3rd & 4th fingers in it to keep it from falling off. But it did the job. BTW, pretty great singer...
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    Ain't That A Kick In The Head - Swing Guitar

    Here is the last of 4 tunes I was able to record on my phone at a gig last weekend. It's really fun getting to play these arrangements with a band like this. But it took a bit of practice to get to the place where I can play thru these chord changes easily and focus on feeling vs. just...
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    The Lady Is A Tramp - Swing Guitar

    Here's another tune from last weekend's gig. I found the chord changes on this one a bit challenging, but it REALLY helps when you have a great drummer and bass player to lock in with. I find I can comp MUCH better with these guys than I can when sitting at home by myself with a metronome.
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    Plenty Of Money And You - Swing Guitar

    Here's another tune I caught with my phone from a gig this weekend. We covered Tony Bennett's 1959 version of Plenty Of Money And You. I'm playing my Gibson Wes Montgomery L-5.
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    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Swing Guitar

    Recorded this at a gig tonight. Lots of chords and pretty quick tempo...
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    FOLSOM PRISON BLUES - With Johnny's grandson channeling his grandpa

    This was a throw together gig awhile back. When I showed up, I had no idea who I'd be playing with, or what tunes we'd be doing. A lot of folks shared the stage that night (got to do a Freebird-ish jam with Phil Keaggy and harmonic great Tim Gonzalas). This video is me on guitar, Johnny Neel...
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    Here's another one from a recent gig with Thomas Gabriel. Thomas is Johnny Cash's grandson and has THE voice. I was invited to play this gig and none of the musicians knew who was going to sing or what songs we'd be doing. I hadn't played Folsom Prison in about 3 decades, but fortunately it's...
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    HURT - video from a recent gig

    Here's a video from a gig I played awhile back. The musicians that night had no clue who was singing or what songs would be played. Several great artists sang that night. This is Thomas Gabriel who is Johnny Cash's grandson - he definitely inherited the voice! I'd just finished playing Folsom...
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    Patsy Cline's CRAZY on my '57 Fender T8 S

    Just found this iPhone recording from a couple years ago when I got my '57 T8 Stringmaster. Using the C6 neck to play along with the recording. My respect to Walter Haynes (who played steel on the original recording). I hope to have some better recordings soon...
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    Just uploaded 10 free tutorial fretboard mapping videos

    A Kindle version of this theory/fretboard mapping book is now available on Amazon. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can download it for free. Also, remember I have 10 free tutorial Youtube videos for this book available for viewing on my website. Total viewing time of all 10 videos...
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    For reference - chords for all of the modes of the major scale

    I've written a book and uploaded 10 free videos which cover the modes of the major, melodic minor, and harmonic minor - and how to play them over the entire fretboard in any key. Check out the thread below...
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    Just uploaded 10 free tutorial fretboard mapping videos

    I just uploaded 10 free tutorial videos for my latest book. You can view the videos HERE. Even if you don't get the book, you can still learn a considerable amount from these videos. The material I cover is music theory and fretboard mapping on a level you'd learn if you were majoring in guitar...
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    Using a Strymon BigSky and a Zen Drive for blues...

    Here's a clip from a recent gig where I used Strymon BigSky and a Zen Drive for some blues. I really like these pedals.
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    This is a buddy of mine, Marc Cooper, with his rendition of WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR. What makes this admirable performance even more admirable is that Marc has spent the last year battling cancer with several major surgeries and struggles of epic proportions. Play on Marc!
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    Jazz guitarists

    While Tony Rice may be taken as a bluegrass guitarist, his work on the David Grisman Quintet album in 1976 contains some of the tastiest jazz playing I've heard.

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