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  1. HogmanA

    Falling down the "Hey Joe" rabbit hole

    I had no idea there were so many versions of this song , especially early on. It's interesting to hear how it evolves, though many are very similar. That rhythm guitar - so familiar from something else but I can't place it. Needles and Pins? Early Who?
  2. HogmanA

    Warren Huart Vocal Track

    Thought this might be of interest to some. It's one of Warren Huart's vocal tracks to practice mixing, etc, but it only came with an acoustic track - it's nice, but I wanted to add my own guitars and it got a bit full, then I took out the acoustic and I liked the space. Anyway, I thought I...
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    How much do pickups really shape the sound?

    Interesting video... ^
  7. HogmanA

    Bass Cut Switch

    Has anyone any experience or knowledge, first or second hand about adding a bass cut to a guitar. My neck pickup is too muddy at the moment (for what I'm doing), but I actually need that mud too lol, so what I need is a bass cut. I dont care about mounting a switch on the pick guard, or...
  8. HogmanA

    Help Please - power conditioner info required

    Hi, thought I'd post this question here as maybe more people will see it. I am using a mobile recording studio with an inverter generator - everything runs fine and noise free, except my main computer - I get an error message indicating that the solid state drive is missing. Laptop runs fine...
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    The Interval Series 3. The Minor Second

    Sorry about gap in between threads - not abandoned, just heavy deadlines. I've decided to back to sequential, as I feel that better explains what the relationships between the notes of a scale are (and it's easier to work out what's next). The Minor Second Interval. The smallest of the...
  10. HogmanA

    The Interval Series 2. Perfect 5th

    The second in the series, the perfect 5th. The interval between the root note of the major scale and the fifth note of the major scale is a perfect fifth. There are 3 types of fifth: perfect, diminished (1 semitone lower than perfect) and augmented (one semitone higher than perfect)...
  11. HogmanA

    The Interval Series. 1 - The Tonic (Octave)

    This is an idea for a series if threads covering intervals, one thread for each interval, and the idea is to contribute theoretical knowledge about that interval - its use in music, famous song hooks utilizing it, etc, until that interval has been exhausted. Each interval should include it's...
  12. HogmanA

    Help me understand Beatles She's So Heavy

    After JonR posted that great link (Allan Pollack Notes) - looking at Shes So Heavy and it's not really helping me understand the theory within the song. I don't really play covers as such, but I looked at this song about a year ago and though I was able to pick it out by ear ok (mostly), I did...
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    Goodbye Scotland and Why I Like PIO

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    New Old Speaker Day

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    Just seeing if sig has worked

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    Original accoustic demo with vocal!

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    Original song

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    One of MLP's favourite guitar heroes! (early)


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