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  1. devnulljp

    Finish off over serial # Why?

    Pretty sure I know the answer, my gut tells me this is off. If you saw a nice LP Custom for a good price but it had this on the reverse of the headstock, would you be suspicious it was stolen? Why would someone take the finish off over the serial # other than to try to remove or alter it?
  2. devnulljp

    Kluson Deluxe Tulip Head Tuners Single Line, Double Ring

    Kluson Deluxe Tulip Head Tuners Single Line, Double Ring 3x3 for vintage type Les Paul / ES 335 etc. Relic repros. Pretty sure I got these from Elecric Mojo With bushings and screws $75
  3. devnulljp

    Price Drops: Sprague Hyrell 0.022 @ 100V caps

    Some nice tone caps up for grabs
  4. devnulljp

    SOLD: 1966 Kluson Deluxe Double Line Tuners

    Not sure where they came from -- I bought them to put on a 60s ES335 that someone had put Schallers on, which I ended up selling so they're going spare.
  5. devnulljp

    SOLD: Gibson Short Vibrola

    Gibson Short Vibrola Woah, sold in seconds
  6. devnulljp

    Schaller Tuners Chrome Made in Germany

    Schaller Tuners Made in Germany Chrome With bushings $60
  7. devnulljp

    SOLD: 1961 Melody Maker Tuners

    Set of vintage tuners off my old 1961 Melody Maker. Complete with bushings and screws. Buttons are fine with no cracking. Metalwork has corrosion. One of the shafts is slightly bent but thy are fully functional. Good for your vintage restoration SOLD
  8. devnulljp

    SOLD: 1966 Kluson Deluxe Double Line Tuners

    1966 Kluson Deluxe Double Line Tuners 3x3 for a Les Paul / SG etc. Tuners only, no bushings/screws SOLD
  9. devnulljp

    Vintage Silverface Fender Vibro Champ Amp 1974

    Vintage Silverface Fender Vibro Champ Amp. Serial # places it at 1974 5Y3GT rectifier 6V6GT power tube A pair of 12AX7A3-prong power plug, has been recapped at some point in its life. Sounds chimey and fantastic. Comes with a nice Fender branded amp cover. $800 CONUS / Canada
  10. devnulljp

    SOLD: Faber '59 Style Wireles Tunomatic bridge ABRH-NGB Nickel

    Faber '59 Style ABRH-NGB nickel-plated wireless Tunomatic bridge with brass saddles (no nickel plating on the saddles). Direct drop-in replacement for Historic or vintage ABR-1. Lightly used. $50
  11. devnulljp

    FS: Maestro Short Vibrola

    Just noticed I still have this
  12. devnulljp

    Price Drop: Vintage Cry Baby Wahs: Jen (Italy) & Thomas Organ (Sepulveda CA)

    Ultimate Vintage Jen Cry Baby Wah Red Fasel: Vintage Jen wah but true bypass, with 9V power tap, power switch (turn it off without unplugging, so leave it on your board), and fuzz friendly buffer. $250$220 CONUS / Canada Vintage Thomas Organ Cry Baby Wah (TDK Inductor) True Bypass otherwise all...
  13. devnulljp

    1980's Tokai Goldstar Sound 1960's Lawsuit Stratocaster Replica SOLD

    Those are great Strats. Shame someone did the decal thing :(
  14. devnulljp

    SOLD: MojoAxe CWT-A Compensated Tailpiece

    MojoAxe CWT-A Compensated Tailpiece Bought for a project that didn't get finished This one says it's a blem, but I can't see anything wrong with it $80 SOLD
  15. devnulljp

    SOLD: Tele Neck ToneBomb Maple/Maple Loaded

    Aaaand it's sold

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