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  1. Oldskoolrob

    Late to the Party, again.

    Just discovered Jim MCarty......Not literally, just his playing. Diggin' it tonight. It's always nice to find new old stuff. Good to see he's still going strong.
  2. Oldskoolrob

    Does anyone here actually find General Lee's flag and the flying of it offensive?

    Ok, first off, I really don't want this to get political and shut down. I am genuinely asking these questions to learn more about American History and Culture (as a third party with no connection to America) and current opinions of the people here which I respect. What is happening in parts of...
  3. Oldskoolrob

    Does anyone subscribe to this theory?

    Single pickup guitars are cool.....but does removing the neck pickup really make a difference or does the guitar need to be made with a single pickup.
  4. Oldskoolrob

    Fattest Dog-Ear P90's?

    Hey groovers. Why am I not asking in the pickup section? Reason is I have an archtop that was born with humbuckers and I'd love to put in some dogears. So it's that age old conundrum of what's the best dog ear to cover the Humbucker rout? Cheers, Rob.
  5. Oldskoolrob

    Is a Harmoniser the best way to duplicate fiddle lines?

    Howdy gang, We're venturing into the world of Texas swing. There's some fiddle lines such as the introduction here that I'd like to replicate on a single guitar. Would a harmonist pedal be the best solution, and if so which one? I don't need a million types and effects, just something cheap...
  6. Oldskoolrob

    Acoustic pickups vs electric and can you mix the two?

    Hi Guru's, I have an Epiphone Broadway which has quite a nice acoustic tone. It reminds me of my old Hofner Archtop I used to have. I was looking at perhaps putting fishman bridge on it to try and capture that acoustic tone for some songs. Trouble is that all the acoustic pickups I see require...
  7. Oldskoolrob

    I'm slow on the uptake and just noticed....

    ...that Slash is playing a pancake here. (go to 3:30 for solo 3:53 and 4:20 for pancake shots)
  8. Oldskoolrob

    RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor

    Aw dang-it. Another legend lost! Surely EVERYONE knows who he was;
  9. Oldskoolrob

    RIP Sir Stirling Moss.

    Goodbye to a legend of days gone by.
  10. Oldskoolrob

    A Taste of Tarantino launched!

    Hi guys and gals, Last week we finally launched our new show 'A Taste of Tarantino'. As the videos get edited I'll put more content on the page but here's the first song, Dengue Woman which appears in 'From Dusk til Dawn'. It features Mr Green on lead guitar, Mr Blue on bass, Mr Pink on drums...
  11. Oldskoolrob

    I love my Les Paul

    Had rehearsal today. Covers everything from Rockabilly to Jazz to classic rock and beyond. All the toanez I need. Plays like a dream, feels like a comfy pair of slippers. :)
  12. Oldskoolrob

    Bad day for me.

    I got a message from my Ex Wife's solicitor yesterday that she intends on breaching our court ordered child custody orders and will be keeping one of my sons from me (he's 14). She hasn't given any reason - emergent or otherwise. She also hasn't alleged any action on my part that would justify...
  13. Oldskoolrob

    Where it's at.

    If she looked like Taylor Swift she'd be on a major label. It's a bit showy for my tastes but it's GOOD BLUES. And looks like she's doing better by herself here;
  14. Oldskoolrob

    Best way to stack stereo pedals??

    Hi Groovers, I have a conundrum. I'd like to use some stereo effects I have, but I'm not sure of the best way of stacking the pedals. Specifically I have a Boss BF3 flanger, Boss DD7 Delay and TC electronic Mimiq. Until now I've had them in that order but I'm looking into getting the most from...
  15. Oldskoolrob

    Help building this pedal?

    Hi guys, I'm mucking around with going stereo. One problem I'm having is with my rhythm vs solo levels. I can't justify the expense of a stereo EQ pedal (that's how I boost my mono signal) but I was thinking I could put a couple of volume post in a pedal box - so I'd be cutting signal for rhthym...
  16. Oldskoolrob

    My life today

    I don't usually share a lot of my personal life on here but I thought you'd all LOVE to know that I'm sitting on the couch with our NEW aircon unit going (38 deg C outside), watching my 3 month old bub sleep while I quaff Makers Mark & Lemonade watching Rachel Riley on 8 out of 10 Cats does...
  17. Oldskoolrob

    Best overdrive for bass?

    Hi Groovers, I'm trying to get our bass player to experiment with overdrive in our heavier songs. Will 'normal' overdrives do it or does it need to be bass specific?
  18. Oldskoolrob

    Any idea what this is?

    This one has spiked my 'oddball' interest. Any ideas what it is?
  19. Oldskoolrob

    Who here uses staple pickups?

    Thinking of replacing a neck position soapbar p90 I have with staple....what should I expect?
  20. Oldskoolrob

    Soloing Tone Tips for Single Guitar Bands

    So in a 3 piece band I'm trying to improve our overall sound. One problem is when I go from playing rhythm to soloing it feels like the 'fullness' drops out of the mix. Going from 6 strings to single notes etc. So as a result I usually try to play double stop solos, or 'play less' in the verse...

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