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  1. EasyAce

    Jimmy Cobb, RIP

    Jimmy Cobb, the Pulse of Kind of Blue, Dies at 91 Magnificent drummer . . . and the final surviving member of both the Kind of Blue Davis group and the Wynton Kelly Trio . . . With the trio, accompanied by some friendly guy named Wes . . . With the Davis group . . . Just the Wynton Kelly...
  2. EasyAce

    Phil May (The Pretty Things), RIP

    Phil May, Pretty Things frontman, dies at 75 The original Things (1964-66) made the Rolling Stones sound like wimps . . . (and the original lineup was co-founded by May and ex-Stone Dick Taylor, who'd played bass for the Stones pre-Bill Wyman before switching to guitar when forming the Pretty...
  3. EasyAce

    Millie Small, RIP: First international ska hit in '64

    Millie Small: My Boy Lollipop singer dies aged 72 Rumour clarification: Almost to the day she died she insisted the harmonica solo on her biggest hit (it was a cover of an obscure 1956 B-side written by two members of doo-wop legends the Cadillacs) was played by a kid named Rod Stewart. Stewart...
  4. EasyAce

    Eighteen years ago today . . .

    . . . we said au revoir to him. And I can't think of a better way to remember him than . . .
  5. EasyAce

    George Chambers, RIP

    Bassist/vocalist with the Chambers Brothers. RIP Pops. You guys made some excellent music . . .
  6. EasyAce

    Oh no . . . GAS attack . . . Gibson L-9 . . .

    I shouldn't have looked. But I did. Gibson L-9. Does anyone here have one? Does it play as beautifully as it looks? Another view (also from Gibson's Website) . . .
  7. EasyAce

    Ric Ocasek, RIP

    Leader/singer/chief songwriter of the Cars was found dead in his townhouse this afternoon at 75. No more details available yet. RIP . . . (That's still my favourite song by the Cars . . . )
  8. EasyAce

    RIP Grumpy Cat

    Passed away from complications of a urinary tract infection at 7 on 14 May . . . My own little tribute . . . RIP
  9. EasyAce

    Breaking news: Dick Dale, RIP

    The King of the Surf Guitar is gone at 82. Personally, I sometimes wish I could have a do-over on my bar mitzvah so I could hit the family with this (evil grin), which is sometimes nicknamed "Meshuggena Beach Party" . . . RIP Dick. And thanks for the music and the Fender amplifiers you...
  10. EasyAce

    Hal Blaine, RIP

    The man who cut some of the deepest and widest grooves in music history is gone . . . Hal Blaine, prolific 'Wrecking Crew' drummer who worked with Frank Sinatra and Elvis, dies at 90 This was always my personal favourite record on which he played, but you could fill two living rooms with his...
  11. EasyAce

    Students in Louisiana thought this math symbol looked like a gun. Police were called

    And you thought you'd seen everything . . . Students in Louisiana thought this math symbol looked like a gun. Police were called I do not want to know what they're not teaching kids these days . . .
  12. EasyAce

    NORAD Santa Tracker

    Over Minnesota as I write. And, yes, Rudolph is leading the sleigh team. Take that all baby-you're-cold-insiders! :cheers: C'mon, let's not let the ninnies and the nannies spoil the holiday fun! NORAD Santa Tracker
  13. EasyAce

    Nancy Wilson, RIP

    Nancy Wilson, Grammy Winning Jazz Singer and TV Personality, Dies at 81 RIP to an artist and a lady.
  14. EasyAce

    The Semi-Official MLP Anti-Snowflake "Baby It's Cold Outside" Festival

    Screw the snowflakes, ninnies, pleasure police, and music police. Let's have a hearty round of your favourite versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside" . . . and any other oldies today's snowflakes, ninnies, pleasure police, and music police would try to snuff out because they don't understand...
  15. EasyAce

    2018 World Series Game Three: Exhaustion to the Max

    (An essay yours truly is to have published later this weekend . . .) When Red Sox manager Alex Cora played for the Dodgers, and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was his teammate, his most surreal moment lasted only eighteen pitches and ended with him hitting a two-run homer, in May 2004. Now they...
  16. EasyAce

    Melvin (Wah-Wah Watson) Raglin, RIP

    He put the wah-wah slinkily into two of Motown's most iconic records . . . Wah Wah Watson, Guitarist for Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson, Dead at 67 RIP, Funk Brother . . .
  17. EasyAce

    Otis Rush, RIP

    Complications from the stroke he suffered two years ago, according to his wife on the family website. One of my major blues influences when I first got the bite in 1969. RIP Mr. Rush
  18. EasyAce

    RIP Marty Balin

    Jefferson Airplane Co-Founder Marty Balin Dead at 76 RIP. I still think this is the most beautiful song you ever wrote and sang, Mr. Balin . . .
  19. EasyAce

    Hollowbody (ES-275, ES-330) care question . . .

    I'm pondering acquiring either one of these . . . . . . or, one of these . . . . . . but I have one question: I live in Las Vegas where it gets brutally hot in summers. How can I care for such a hollowbody in my climate, how can I store her when not playing her without her incurring...
  20. EasyAce

    Favourite Box Sets?

    Here are mine, in no order of preference: What are your favourite box sets?

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