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  1. "Sunny"

    Favorite Dog?

    I like dogs
  2. "Sunny"

    pup swap question

    can you mount a sss pickgaurd on an hss body. because i want to upgrade my MIM strat's pups and mount an all Lace gold pickgaurd on it.
  3. "Sunny"

    any upgrades you suggest?

    i have a 2009 gibson les paul standard. is there any simple upgrades i can put into this guitar to make it sound or look just a bit better? such as new wiring or bridges? any suggestions? thanks
  4. "Sunny"

    A new DC?

    How long has this been on the market??? Buy Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway Electric Guitar | Solid Body Electric Guitars | Musician's Friend :applause:
  5. "Sunny"

    favorite deluxe finish

    which is your favorite finish for a norlin deluxe? please comment if i am missing a finish
  6. "Sunny"

    head switch?

    is it possible to run two heads into one cabinet and use a pedal or something to switch between them? the search thing is crappy so im starting a new one. sorry if its been asked before
  7. "Sunny"

    PT custom or not?

    is the strat the Pete Townshend uses these days custom? i know it most likely is because of the extra knob behind the vibrato. but i think fender should make a signature model if it is his own
  8. "Sunny"

    June 30th Concert

    is anybody going to see Eric Clapton and Roger Daltrey at Riverbend in Cincinnati this coming wednesday. i know i am :thumb:
  9. "Sunny"

    deluxe reunion!

    Post pics of your deluxes! videos are even better. it seems that deluxes have dissapeared from this world. everybody has traditionals and historics but no deluxes. so post pics of your deluxes, talk about them, or post vids thanks :thumb:
  10. "Sunny"


    i have a question. what is the difference between f-spacing and regular spacing?
  11. "Sunny"

    double cremes anywhere?

    does gibson make any pickups that are double cream? i really want one but i cannot find any. if they do let me know and were they might sell them
  12. "Sunny"

    Bday guitar?

    Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA November 3rd, 2009 Production Number: 164 is it kinda weird that my standard was made on my birthday? i think thats pretty weird and very cool :thumb:
  13. "Sunny"

    What and Where?

    ive got a question. what are the teeth like pointers on some LPs. and can you find them for sale anywhere?
  14. "Sunny"

    How to change your username?

    how do you change your your name. cuz mine is gay and im a guy so "Sunny" doesn't work out. by the way its the name of my crappy epi. yes i know i posted this in the squawk box but i like the name of this section soooo yea.
  15. "Sunny"


    k about a week ago i went to guitar center, i asked if they had a tech in, they said not until tomarrow, he also asked for my # so the tech can call me when he gets in the next day and give me an estimate for four push/pulls. he still has not called back so now a wait anxiously. i hate the...
  16. "Sunny"

    how to age?

    k i know there is probably lots of threads on this subject so don't give me crap :laugh2: im wondering how to age the finish on a les paul. i don't really want to much but i may be thinking bout it. so if anybody can tell me one or more ways that will be great. thanks.
  17. "Sunny"

    Can Anybody Identify this Amp?

    Marshall Tube Head 50 watts Plexi - eBay (item 300433803307 end time Jun-09-10 13:23:55 PDT)
  18. "Sunny"

    Marshall JTM 45?

    Does anybody have the Marshall JTM 45? is it a good overall amp. im in no need for distortion so i know that there is no overdrive channal. so please post details, pros and cons, and other things about the amp. thanks
  19. "Sunny"

    which do you like better

    which peronally do you guys think is a better overall pickup. the 500t or the Burstbucker Pro. which do you think has better sounds to you
  20. "Sunny"

    what do you think?

    im about to get a 500t in a week or two and im wondering what everybody would rate it. if u can rate it 1 though 5 that would be great and explain why you did. because i've played the pickup and it sounds great but if there are any cons please tell me.......... thanks

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