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  1. lovehifi

    Almost sold my R7 but persistence paid off.

    I had a Gibson R0 and sold it when I had a pet emergency come up. Great guitar and missed it. After finances were back in order and my dog had recovered I decided I wanted to buy another Historic but with a different flavor. Just to try something different. I always liked gold tops so bought a...
  2. lovehifi


    I have a set of custombuckers in my 2014 R7 but want to try a set of burstbuckers 1 and 2. Use to have them in my previous R0 and really liked them. Let me know if you have a set for sale. Thanks
  3. lovehifi

    NGD 2014 R7! And a question

    I will add some pics later but received my 2014 R7 today. Set it up and it plays and sounds great. Neck is fantastic! However I have one question and not even a real concern unless someone says it should be. When looking at the face of the guitar in bright light I can see lines on or under the...
  4. lovehifi

    Need some help on a R7 purchase

    Hi all. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2014 R7. My only concern which is probably needless worry is this close up of the Gibson logo on the headstock. Does it look okay to you guys? Just seems strange the way it doesnt appear to be flush with the wood. Maybe its just a camera thing. Thanks
  5. lovehifi

    FS/FT Locally 2018 Gibson ES-335 Big Block Retro

    Local sale or trade near Clemson S.C. Selling the nicest ES-335 I have ever owned or played both in playability and tone. Fantastic rounded C neck and the resonance and tone is fantastic. Just had a professional set up by one of the top techs in S.C. Its a 2018 Gibson ES 335 Big Block Retro in...
  6. lovehifi

    2010 Gibson R0 Minty (Local Sale S.C)

    For sale is a minty condition Gibson Les Paul R0 Plain Top VOS in very rare Desert Burst. Not the easier to find G0. This Custom Shop R0 1960RI was purchased from The Musicians Friends Private Stock division. Plays and sounds fantastic. Comes with original Custom Shop case and all case candy...
  7. lovehifi

    2018 ES 335 Big Block Retro LTD. Classic White

    Local Sale only near Greenville, Clemson SC. At least for now. Selling the nicest ES-335 I have ever owned or played both in playability and tone. Fantastic rounded C neck and the resonance and tone is fantastic. Its a 2018 Gibson ES 335 Big Block Retro LTD. in classic white. A mix of...
  8. lovehifi

    NGD! Gibson ES-335 Big Block LTD.

    Just picked up this used but like new ES-335 Big Block LTD. Had never been set before up so I did some setting up today. Absolutely love it. Now just need a white cab. lol. Damn does it ever stop!!
  9. lovehifi

    Friedman Smallbox 50 Local Sale near Clemson SC

    Minty condition Friedman Smallbox 50. Has new Winged C EL34s. Only played in my smoke free den and never gigged. Comes with everything that came with it new. Local sale and pick up near Clemson SC. 1900.00 Sorry no trades.
  10. lovehifi

    Ibanez Prestige RG652AHM

    Very nice 2016 Ibanez Prestige RG652AHM in White. Beautiful finish is hard to capture in picture. Has Edge Tremolo and awesome maple neck with birds eye up and down the neck. Mint except for the ding by the tremolo cavity. See pic. Includes original case and tools. Fantastic guitar. Sells new...
  11. lovehifi

    Eventide H9 Max and Eleven Rack

    Selling a lightly use Eventide H9 Max in great condition and with latest firmware. Still has plastic on display. Has everything that came with it new. These sell for 699.00 new. Over at reverb people are asking over 500.00. I am selling this one for 475.00.00 PP and shipped. Also selling an 11...
  12. lovehifi

    Please Delete

    Please delete.
  13. lovehifi

    Please delete

    Delete and off market . Had a change of heart.
  14. lovehifi

    NGD! 2013 Gibson SG Original

    Bought this SG Original locally from a lady that lost her Husband 4 years ago. He had only played it a few times before he passed away. She said she had a hard time parting with his stuff but decided to sell a couple of his things. Guitar is pretty much mint except it has been sitting in its...
  15. lovehifi

    NGD Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster

    NGD! The newly released Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster. Just received it yesterday and spent last night setting it up. Wasn't much to do though. This may be the first guitar out of all the Fenders and Gibsons I have bought that was setup perfectly right out of the box. I did set the pickups...
  16. lovehifi

    2015 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster (Local Pickup Clemson SC)

    Nice 2015 Eric Johnson Stratocaster in tropical turquoise. Has nice flamed neck too. Comes with original case and all case candy. 1200.00 Local pickup near Greenville/Clemson SC.
  17. lovehifi

    Thoughts on BB King Lucille

    Does anyone own one and if so what are your thoughts. Have a R7 I am thinking of trading. Also have a R0 that I am keeping. Went and played the Lucille and an ES335 today and the Lucille is one of the best playing guitars I have played. Loved the neck on it. Sounded great too. My only issue may...
  18. lovehifi

    Sold Delete

  19. lovehifi

    Not a Gibson but....

    Not a Gibson but some damn fine playing. Just thought some of you might like it.
  20. lovehifi

    Set up question on R0

    Hi all. Have a question. When I set neck relief on my 2010 R0 anywhere close to spec by Gibson. Trying .008 I get buzz on the upper frets. Mainly when I bend up my high E string it frets out and I get buzzing while fretting my Low E and A strings starting at the 10th fret and up. The only way I...

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