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  1. bad565ss

    Back to Boss

    I have a SD-1, a CS-3, and a DM-2W on my board and none of them are going anywhere anytime soon. Good, solid pedals that just work.
  2. bad565ss

    String Change Frequency

    I've used Boomers 10-46 for the last 5 years because they're cheap and consistent. I also have tried the MF house brand and they're pretty good considering the value but they seem a little "stiffer" to me. I would use either without hesitation. I get a couple gigs and several rehearsals out of...
  3. bad565ss

    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    Regardless of the man's previous history what he is doing now is nothing short of common thievery. There is no excuse or explanation that would justify vanishing with all of these guitars. He's a criminal and should be treated as such. Good luck to all of you.
  4. bad565ss

    Delusional Sellers/Listings - List yours...

    A couple years ago there was a white Marshall JMP full stack on Detroit CL for $2800. Not too crazy. It sold in a day. It's been listed ever since by the delusional new owner for $6800. I hope he owns it when he dies.
  5. bad565ss


    Where are you located?
  6. bad565ss

    Lets see your wall of amps

    Recently sold one of the 2203s. I have another Marshall 4x12 not shown. I have a Jet City 22H and a Joyo Bantam JCM800 in my work room.
  7. bad565ss

    Tell Me About P-90s

    I've used Gibson, Lollar Vintage, Duncan Antiquity, and Vineham. The Duncan left me feeling a little disappointed but I'll give it a shot in another build. The other three are all very good. The Vineham is a terrific value.
  8. bad565ss

    Poor, Poor Roger Waters...

    Don't care, didn't read. I think Roger Waters is C-NT. He's always been a miserable C-NT. He tried to screw the other guys and now he gets to live with the repercussions of that treachery. I'm glad Dave has a strong memory. Letting this Douche anywhere near the keys to the bus will only lead...
  9. bad565ss

    So confused about air compressors!

    If you lack tank capacity the compressor will run all the time and you'll use up motors. I would'nt go less than 20 gallons. I wouldnt use that air can as a tank. It is not a rated pressure vessel.
  10. bad565ss

    Mike Tyson....coming back?

    I know right? Someone will pay him a ton of money but it will all be hype. Any decent fighter in the division would make short work of him now. That's the reality.
  11. bad565ss

    1/4 mile times - 60/70s muscle vs newer economy cars?

    The Boss 302 was a badass Trans Am engine. Massive head ports for its day. No torque but revved like a mother. We had to cut Chevy heads in half and weld a plate in them to get the same port volumes. And we had to machine the blocks for valve clearance.
  12. bad565ss

    Mike Tyson....coming back?

    Youtube Mike Tyson vs Danny Williams. You will see what the end looks like on a defeated old fighters face. Not a knock on Tyson. It happens to them all if they stay long enough.
  13. bad565ss

    Mike Tyson....coming back?

    He was a fierce champion while he fought under Kevin Rooney. Once he left the wheels came off. He would not be competitive against quality opponents in real boxing matches at this point. His last fights didn't go so well. Charity sparring session with another of timer? Sure. Why not?
  14. bad565ss

    Iranian navy sinks one of its own ships.

    Iranians aren't Arab.
  15. bad565ss

    1/4 mile times - 60/70s muscle vs newer economy cars?

    They built exactly 69 of the ZL1. I think need to build 50 to make the car legal for NHRA Super Stock classes so they rounded up to a nice even 69. The Boss 429 Mustang, the '64 427 Thunderbolt Fairlane and Galaxies, Hemi Cuda, etc. Same basic story. Had to build enough of them to make them...
  16. bad565ss

    1/4 mile times - 60/70s muscle vs newer economy cars?

    A good tuner and some good knowledge could easily shave a second. Even simple stuff like only put in a gallon of fuel or moving the battery to the trunk for traction aid. Loosening the front shocks, etc. Properly setting up the carburetor was huge. We used to add extension tubes in the float...
  17. bad565ss

    Fat Daddy---down but not out

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope you can eventually have a full recovery.
  18. bad565ss

    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    Eden Junior body and neck from EBay $159. Lollar pickup, Tonepros bridge, Kluson strip style tuners, Tusq nut, CTS pots and Russian PIO cap. Total investment around $375. I learned how to do a fret dress on this one and that made it an excellent guitar.
  19. bad565ss

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's - Dimazrio PAF 59

    I have a set of these in one of my 2016 Traditionals. I quite like them.

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