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  1. Brucesu

    Post the best Les Paul photo you've ever taken! [WARNING: GAS triggering content]

    Hue! Seafoam Green Mint Ice Cream Dream!
  2. Brucesu

    NGD on Halloween. 1996 Gibson Les Paul Florentine *Bantam

    Hooooooo!!! I watch your channel daily! Yeah, compared to my ES LP, this 1996 just blows it away in sustain and fretwork. The tones are equally good. The ES LP had a brighter tone in both pickups, but this 1996 has a darker sound in the bridge pup. I think it has something to do with the...
  3. Brucesu

    NGD on Halloween. 1996 Gibson Les Paul Florentine *Bantam

    Hi Friends, So a few months ago I posted on here about a 2015 Gibson ES-Les Paul Custom, I ended up selling the guitar because I was disappointed in the fretwork. It had slight buzzing issues. I was sad to see it go... Welp, I was trying to find another, but those guitars are either rare or...
  4. Brucesu

    2019 LP Traditional Opinions

    When I bought my 2017 les Paul classic. I had a pro guitar player friend help me pick out a guitar. We tried a bunch and I thought they were all great, but he said mine was the only good one. Even though my guitar is weight relieved it’s super heavy! You should definitely looks into 2017...
  5. Brucesu

    String guage and brand on a recently bought Gibson LP?

    I bought my 2017 seafoam green classic les Paul, and it had 9-46 strings. I bought Gibson 9-46 strings, and they feel exactly like how I got it from the store. I use Nyxl 9-46 now and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. It stays in tune and feels really good!
  6. Brucesu

    How Do 50's vs. 60's Les Paul Necks Compare?

    I’m not entirely sure if the thickness of the neck affects tone, but I’m 100% sure I like the feel of my Gibson 2015 es les Paul custom with a 50s c shape neck. The tone of my Es Les paul isn’t the best compared to my other guitars. But the feel of it makes me want to pick it up all the time...
  7. Brucesu

    Guitar Center / MusiciansFriend Gibson Les Paul Special Limited Edition & P-90 Special Lim. Ed.

    Phew, I’m glad they didn’t make it in surf green/sea foam green/kerry green or else I’d be in deep trouble! That p90 version looks delicious! :D
  8. Brucesu

    Is it just me??!!....The LP curse???

    I like to play my ES Les paul more than my other guitars because it’s light! And it is basically a mini acoustic guitar, I don’t have to plug it in.
  9. Brucesu

    NGD! 2010 LP Studio Wine Red! $250 Deal!

    Oh yeah that’s the good stuff! My kind of comedy! :rofl:
  10. Brucesu

    2019 USA LP's are starting to drop!

    Man, in 2017 I was shaking in excitement for the les Paul classic in seafoam green. It’s my first les Paul. I got a few more guitars in 2018 including an es les Paul. I got a Hahn model c tele on order right now. I thought I would never buy another electric guitar. Especially, another les Paul...
  11. Brucesu

    2019 USA LP's are starting to drop!

    Woah mama, that cherry red guitar is 10 pounds! I think each retailer get custom colors. Like my 2017 les Paul classic in seafoam green was only available at guitar center/musician friend. But AMS had a special surf green which no one else had. The 2019 seafoam green guitars are different...
  12. Brucesu

    Purchasing from a pawn shop

    Wait a minute!! If you are looking for midnight blue I think they are releasing 2019 les Pauls in that color!!
  13. Brucesu

    2019 USA LP's are starting to drop!

    I’d be happy if I never buy another Gibson, but dat seafoam green burst on the HP les Paul gets me all worked up. I wonder how much that will be considering the standard is over 3k. I never liked traditional les Paul colors, but after hanging around here and reverb. I’m starting to like cherry...
  14. Brucesu

    NGD Traditional Heritage Cherry

    Yeah, the 2017 models are cool, but I ended up sticking the pokerchip pickup selector on my seafoam Classic. Your guitar looks way cooler now with the pickguard. And wow, 1700 bucks is a crazy good deal! :io:
  15. Brucesu

    Impending NGD - 2017 Standard HP Bourbon Burst

    Congrats on the new axe! I’m always perplex when people sell fine guitars, and especially ones that are untouched like yours. Why did they buy it in the first place :io:
  16. Brucesu

    Master's research project for iconic electric guitars, PLEASE HELP!!

    “Do you have the financial means to purchase this guitar?” ... ... :iough: I’m fortunate to have all of my dream guitars, but why do I keep dreaming for more!? Especially, when I can’t afford more guitars!
  17. Brucesu

    90s vs CS vs modern production Les Pauls

    I think a good guitar is one that you keep picking up to play. Sure you can get some legendary guitar with mojo, but if it’s going to cost too much then it’s not worth it. There are too many good new guitars out there, but what do I know I’m not a professional. Once you find the one or a few...
  18. Brucesu

    NGD: A guy walks into GC...

    Does this mean if you guys go in to buy a guitar you’ll walk out disappointed and bought strings only because you felt guilty for not buying anything? :iough:
  19. Brucesu

    2018 Les Paul Classic ?

    That’s good to hear! I love the sound of my classic too! However, it’s the heaviest guitar I have ever owned, so when I go to pick it up it’s like going to the gym.
  20. Brucesu

    2018 Les Paul Classic ?

    :run:I was lusting after the 2018 classics until I saw a Collings 290 with p90s!