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  1. pinefd

    David Ortiz shot in the Dominican Republic

    One report says he was shot in the leg, another says in the back. His condition is unknown. Here are more details: Frank
  2. pinefd

    Any S&W Handgun Experts Here? Need some help.

    Hi all, I'm hoping to get some help on a few guns that I plan on selling. I'd like to find out the years built and the approximate value of these guns, so that I know what I have, and don't get ripped off when trying to sell these. I thought about posting this on the S&W forum, but I'm a...
  3. pinefd

    Gibson Nighthawk? Opinions appreciated good, bad or indifferent

    I have a relative who may be interested in buying a Nighthawk who asked me my opinion of them. Since I have absolutely zero knowledge of them, I figured I'd ask here. So, if you have some experience with the Nighthawk (any model), I'd appreciate your comments good, bad or indifferent. Thanks...
  4. pinefd

    Be sure to check out this '60 'Burst Restoration Thread!

    For those of you who don't hang out in the Vintage section at all, you should check out this thread posted by Yuuki today...he does amazing work! Frank
  5. pinefd

    No MLP Booth at Fall Philly this year (2018)

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, MLP won’t be sponsoring a booth at the Philly show this fall. For most of us involved in setting up and running the booth, we have a variety of conflicts and/or personal circumstances, which will preclude us from being there this year. I...
  6. pinefd

    Any Aging/Relicing Experts Here?

    As you probably know, I’ve done quite a bit of guitar building and painting, but I’ve never aged a guitar. And although I like a nice relic job, it’s something I don’t expect to do much of myself. That said, I recently purchased an aged guitar that doesn’t look quite right to me. The checking...
  7. pinefd

    Stunning '08 Les Paul Studio Premium Plus…As New

    I am selling off several guitars to help fund another high-end vintage purchase. In the weeks to come I'll be selling Historics, Vintage, maybe a replica or two, and this guitar, the only Gibson USA guitar I’ve ever purchased. I bought it brand new back in ‘08, I believe, because it was (and...
  8. pinefd

    Final Run of Serial Number Stamp Kits May Soon be Available...Interest?

    Most of you who have been around for a while, know that through a collaborative effort of a lot of people on this forum, we re-created an excellent approximation of the vintage serial number font used by Gibson in the '50s. And from that, we were able to source someone who was able to make...
  9. pinefd

    Free/Cheap Website Design for Fellow Luthiers

    Hi Fellow Guitar Builders/Luthiers, I have a favor to ask/service to offer. My 16 year old son, Jake, is a computer wiz, and he’s trying to find some interesting computer related projects for the summer to both keep him busy, but also to help build a resume/portfolio for when he begins applying...
  10. pinefd

    Dallas Int'l Guitar Festival...anyone else going?

    While I've been to the Arlington show in October many times, this will be my first time at the Dallas show. Anyone else going? It's coming up in less than three weeks. Frank
  11. pinefd

    No More Serial Number Stamps!…Help Requested

    If you’ve spent any time around here over the past few years, then you’re probably aware of the serial number stamp kits that I was having produced, and was selling. For those not aware of this project, there are a few detailed threads around here covering this topic, starting with the...
  12. pinefd

    Good Sale on Respirators...Today Only

    Hi Guys, I know that these respirators are discussed and recommended around here often, so when I saw that these were on sale thru Amazon (today only), I thought I'd mention it. I think they're a good price...especially if you're an Amazon Prime member (with free 2 day shipping). I use one...
  13. pinefd

    Help finding '61 SG/LP TRC & Knobs

    I'm hoping that some of you guys can help me with some advice for pulling together the remaining parts I need for the restoration of my '61 SG/LP. In case you hadn't seen this project, here are a couple of threads that SG Lou posted showing the great work he did on rebuilding this guitar...
  14. pinefd

    Arlington Guitar Show 2014...Anyone Going?

    Who's going to the Arlington show next month? A show of hands, please! :thumb: Frank
  15. pinefd

    Anyone else notice these new, old-style Grovers for sale?

    It's about time that Grover did a "reissue" of these "milk bottle" style tuners in nickel: Grover Original "Milk Bottle" Style Rotomatics - 3+3 - Nickel | I ordered, and just received a couple of sets myself, and they look great. I hope to do some aging on them over the next...
  16. pinefd

    An amazing (and inspirational) local kid

    Check out this kid who lives here in town (the brother of my daughter's friend): Nico's Story - YouTube And check out what he does when he's not on the playing field: Nico Calabria on Ellen - YouTube :applause: Frank
  17. pinefd

    Gibson Announces Collectors Choice #666!

    Finally, the ultimate CC model! Here it is, guys! :thumb: Frank
  18. pinefd

    Anyone here with Piezo bridge experience?

    Have any of you guys installed Piezo ABR-style bridges and could possibly give some input into this thread? Thanks, in advance (and sorry for the duplicate thread for any of you...
  19. pinefd

    Fishman vs. LRBaggs Piezo bridge…help me design my next guitar!

    Hi guys, As some of you may know, I’ve been making octave guitars for a few years. But now, I’d like to do an octave guitar that’s a bit different…and more versatile, than what I’ve been doing all along. As such, I’m working on a semi-hollowbody design, with a mahogany body and neck, and...
  20. pinefd

    Deleting Multiple Pics...We Need a Better Way!

    As far as I can tell, in the Photo Gallery, there's no way to delete multiple pics at one time...the same way you can delete multiple PMs at once. I've got dozens of pics I'd like to delete, but it's so cumbersome to do so one at a time, that I just can't find the time to do it. In fact, this...

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