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  1. frozenotter


    I figured I'd toss this up for a few of ya. I've decided I'm gonna do a little riding and picked up a "gravel" bike. Specialized Men's Diverge Carbon + my ass is getting fat and some exercise will do me good.
  2. frozenotter

    MLP ...Means Business.

    Just as a head's up: I put a couple "comical" posts in the following thread with a whole warehouse of guitars which was so obvious that no one would individually own it. I even got one "laugh" notification from a member intended. Well, it got deleted because it was not "my" collection -...
  3. frozenotter

    Finally, EVH Tour Relic Guitar Content

    I got the pics back from Mitchel Floyd of Mean Street Guitars with the work done. I had a lot of personal preferences over Ed's that he did from me, starting with the very color (Ed's is off-white and mine is "white" white). I won't go into all the differences; instead I'll just show you the...
  4. frozenotter

    Where's irocdave12

    Haven't seen him in a while.
  5. frozenotter

    A Guy at Work went Trans

    He's a really cool ...guy(?) ..girl(?) ..and I treat him no different. I mean ..her ..I ..mean... I. ...I......o_O Anybody else have a happy transexual story they would like to share?
  6. frozenotter

    Gay Racist Midget Commits Suicide

    2019 Open Season!! Show the bikes! Here's mine just cleaned up ..out of the garage, for the season..
  7. frozenotter

    Where are these Elusive "Mystery" Members?

    The_Sentry KSG_Standard Boleskinehouse geochem1st djwilbanks diceman coldsteal2 River Mindfrigg All full time posters ....I've never seen one. Did their steam just run out?? (I thought Malikon would be posting here)
  8. frozenotter

    Canceled - 2010 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tea-burst VOS

    Here's a case queen beauty. Purchased brick and mortar by my house. Sustains for days and sounds fantastic. Neck is medium and is an ever-so little bit wider than the standard (thinner) ones that sometimes make the strings feel a bit close together. She's light too - like 8lbs 14oz there abouts...
  9. frozenotter

    So, I was Perusing.... (Watch Content)

    ...and bought this. I couldn't pass since they were on sale at like 75% off. I think it's ...Saweet!!
  10. frozenotter

    NG Daaeeeeee

    I was feeling ...."Fancy". :acoustic: :io:
  11. frozenotter

    A 32-year old Erie, Pennsylvania woman (Rectal Content) Looks like a hoax. But a rather funny one.
  12. frozenotter

    Incoming NGD ....Kinda.

    Well, I purchased this but haven't actually dropped the cash yet. I'm oddly on the fence about it. It's a '14 Figured Custom LE with a Brazilian rosewood board and Sperzel locking tuners. I guess the tuners are stock from what I've read. Anyone know more about these Correction: Indian rosewood.
  13. frozenotter

    Neck Measurement Help Please

    Can you fellas please tell me what the following profiles are like: 1st .82 12th .96 1st .92 12th 1.02 I'm looking for the Standard profile in the '90's and from what I understand it's like a '59. I basically know this measurement stuff but conflicting information has my head spinning. I...
  14. frozenotter

    Exhibit us Thoust CARs

    Haven't had my CAR out in a while and I don't think I did photos with the complete new theme here. Anyway, pics always be good thing!! Post your CAR too!! Would love to see them. :cheers:
  15. frozenotter

    Are you in a Band??

    Not were you. Are you? If so can you tell us about it and post some pics and sound clips? Song list would be great. Please don't just drop links to band sites.
  16. frozenotter

    Guys who Return to Pet Stores....

    ...for gerbils. Are they weird?
  17. frozenotter

    Show us your Theme!

    Thought this would be cool. I'll start:
  18. frozenotter

    Jussie Smollett hoax charges dropped Just WOW.
  19. frozenotter

    Godda New Google Phone...

    ...coming. It's called the Pixel 3 (not the XL version). Any 'you's' have this and like or dislike it? Their runnin $200 off now on their site, which is a pretty decent savings. :cheers2:

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