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  1. deaninkl

    electa burnout special les paul

    Didn't Locheed used to build them......!!!?
  2. deaninkl

    How is this Beautiful Tokai Still for Sale

    and lets not talk about Navigators...;o)
  3. deaninkl

    is the new stuff better?

    Thanks for all the answers, what I take from them is that QAQC at Gibson is still not 100%.. no problem I can wait a while and see if the new masters can sort that part out. Many people have said try a few and take the one you like, or if you buy online you can send it back..... that was the...
  4. deaninkl

    is the new stuff better?

    I don't own a Gibson, I have two Burnys, a Grecko, a Navigator, a Fender, and a Yamaha... and although 2 of the guitars I have are Les Paul (types ;) i have wanted a Gibson for a long while. my issue have been quality... I live in Asia so I cant walk into a shop and try 20 to see the one i...
  5. deaninkl

    How much money did I lose on this Burny; Advice

    I have a 1998 RLG 70, and its a fine Les Paul, I paid $700, about 8 years ago. If yours is an FLG75 from the early 80's it will probably have original VH-1 pick-up, and they are very good. You have paid higher end price, but couldn't not say over priced. That you appear not to be thrilled with...
  6. deaninkl

    Famous Plain Top Burst Players

    Paul Kossof mostly played plain tops..
  7. deaninkl

    LP Standard Negative Comments

    Well, wouldn't care to much what they think, you sir have a Gibson LP Standard. I am way more impressed that at 70 you start to play guitar, I'm 60, been "starting" for many years, but don't put the time in.. so suck at it.. but I have hope.. Enjoy your Gibson, it does indeed look impressive.
  8. deaninkl

    Navigators Worth the $$$$

    Yes it is indeed, and you did mention in my NGD post shortly after I bought it, that you had, or had planned, to visit Singapore to look at it. I can tell you it is an fantastic guitar, and has turned a few of my friends on to MIJ.
  9. deaninkl

    Navigators Worth the $$$$

    This is my 2001 NLP280, it weighs 8.1lbs, the maple top is exquisite, and it has a single piece back. This is the cheapest of the NLP's but it is right up there with any custom shop Gibson, finishes like these you only get with Japanese craftsman. Save you pennies, and buy a Navigator, nobody...
  10. deaninkl

    Paul Kossoff's 1959 Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned

    Kossoff did indeed own several Bursts over his short playing career, the one that was the subject of this thread didn't sell when it was Auctioned. I guess it didn't meet the reserve and the highest bid was well below what people thought it might go for, I think though this guitar is the one...
  11. deaninkl

    Tokai Strat question

    Yup, that's basically where we at at now, Gotoh being the brand of choice for MIJ... the issue is just trying to find out what the original was, the securing screws appear to have been different from original so could be that the string spacing was different from what was on there, he now has...
  12. deaninkl

    Tokai Strat question

    thanks for that warmachine, will check that out, crucial here is if the Highway 1 model was ever made in Japan, and therefore may come with a metric bridge as the Tokais would have, I will look into that..
  13. deaninkl

    Tokai Strat question

    Thanks for the facebook page. As for being in the right place i have to disagree with you, the knowledge I was looking for was MIJ - That is very specific to "other single cuts" most of us MIJ enthusiasts once bitten by the superior quality tend to then buy other types of guitar also MIJ...
  14. deaninkl

    Tokai Strat question

    Appealing to the knowledgeable here.. a friend has just brought his 1986 Tokai Golden Sound ST60 down from the loft that he bought new when he started playing guitar, in a very misspent youth he painted it and changed out the bridge block for a fender part that is not the correct size. The...
  15. deaninkl

    Bluesy Marshall

    OK, checked with the Marshall importers for Malaysia, they don't have 1974X, 1958X or class 5.... they do have all the modern stuff like DSL's Class 20, Class 50... (but considerably more expensive than Ceriatone). Having looked carefully at Ceriatone, it would appear that I can get a hand...
  16. deaninkl

    Bluesy Marshall

    Thank you all for the very interesting and knowledgeable replies, gives me a lot to think about. Ceriatone is an option, and i have never seen a bad word written about then. I will be trying out some of the Marshall's mentioned to see if I can find the tone I'm after.
  17. deaninkl

    Bluesy Marshall

    Most of the guitarists I liked in the late 60's and 70's played though Marshal Amps, I live in Malaysia, where its not possible (and prohibitively expensive) to get hold of vintage second hand amps. You can buy most of the major brands here, such as Fender, VOX, Laney, Marshall... Is there a...
  18. deaninkl

    Ngd with a little side story

    wow, what a beautiful looking guitar, looks real vintage. I'm sure your mum will be proud to have her name on such a lovely guitar.
  19. deaninkl

    Tokai vs Navigator: Irrational Pricing?

    I find it strange that peops talk about 3-4K for a Navigator being ridiculous when a base Gibby Standard is that sum. Many here don't buy Navigators or Tokais as copies or alternatives to Gibbies we buy then because we feel they are simply better guitars. End of story.
  20. deaninkl

    Ibanez les Paul 1975?

    A friend of mine found a 75 Ibanez LP Custom in a pile of rubbish waiting to go into a garbage truck outside an apartment block in the Mid Levels of Hong Kong's central district... It cleaned up real nice and had killer tone from what he thinks are the original pups. Nice way to pick up a...

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