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  1. palmerfralick

    New Standard VS Recent Traditional

    For those that have owned or own both what are your impressions of the differences between the two? When the new Standard was first announced I thought they were in essence the same guitar as the new Standard was released and the Traditional was dropped.
  2. palmerfralick

    Hitler struggles to nail Steve Ray's tone

  3. palmerfralick

    MojoTone battling the flood

    Their phone goes immediately to voice mail advising they are doing everything to open. They said they will not be shipping anything before Monday the 24th. Damn I hope is wasn't too bad.
  4. palmerfralick

    Chinese pre-wired point to point 5E3 boards

    Ran across these on eBay today and they are very reasonably priced. Listed by kidguitar. I was searching for 5E3 amps and he has point to point prewired boards for 5E3's, JTM 45, 5F6A Bassman, DC30 and many others. Wiring looks very neat. I'm not an expert so I don't know the quality of the...

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