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  1. Danelectro

    1960 Gibson Les Paul DC Special TV Finish

    Up for sale is a 1960 Les Paul DC Special - This is not a collectors grade guitar as it has been refinished, however there have never been any breaks, and it retains most all of its original parts. When I bought this guitar in 2004, its finish was had been stripped down to bare wood. The good...
  2. Danelectro

    Line 6 Helix Floor Processor - as new condition

    Up for grabs is a Line 6 Helix Floor Processor. This unit is in as new condition and includes all packaging and documentation. The unit is updated to the latest firmware and everything is in perfect working order. Also included is USB flash drive that contains over 700 Helix patches and 8000...
  3. Danelectro

    Gibson USA Hardshell Les Paul Case TKL - Excellent Condition

    Gibson USA Les Paul Case - Lightly used with a few scuffs, but excellent condition overall. All latches work and the combination lock has never been set. Never in a smoking environment. SOLD
  4. Danelectro

    *** ALL PEDALS SOLD *** Pedal Purge: Fulltone GT-500, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, BBE Wah, Line 6 Verbzilla

    ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD Fulltone GT-500 Distortion/Booster Pedal $70 Ernie Ball VP Junior volume pedal $50 BBE Ben-Wah effects pedal - an excellent sounding wah pedal - Operates on 9V battery or external power supply $80 Line 6 Verbzilla with Line 6 9V Power Supply...
  5. Danelectro

    Latch for Gen 1 Gibson Chainsaw case, OXB nickel humbucker covers, Duncan JB Junior Humbucker

    I'm doing some house cleaning and clearing out extra stuff that I'm not using. All prices are shipped within the US. Brand new latch for a 1970's Gibson Gen 1 "Chainsaw" hardcase - I needed one to replace a broken latch on a case years ago and I bought two so that I would have a spare. This...
  6. Danelectro

    Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Head, Egnater Tweaker 15 stack, Egnater Rebel 20 head

    I'm thinning out some of my gear, so here are a handful of excellent sounding low-wattage tube amps. All items are in excellent condition and have never been exposed to a smoking environment. Click photos for a larger image. PM or contact Dan at Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini...
  7. Danelectro

    1962 Vintage Gibson ES-330 TD - Sunburst Finish - Excellent Condition

    1962 Gibson ES-330 TD . This guitar is in excellent condition for a 57 year old guitar. - The original finish does not show any checking at all. - Feather light at 5.8 lbs. - The frets are in excellent condition and the action is set low with no buzzing. - The neck thickness measures .827"...
  8. Danelectro

    2007 Chambered 58 Reissue CR8 (7.5 lbs) *** SOLD ***

    Up for grabs is a 2007 CR8 Chambered 58 Reissue with an Iced Tea finish. The Chambered Reissue models are limited run Custom Shop Les Pauls that constructed exactly the same as the regular Historic Reissue except that the mahogany slab has a routed pocket which both lightens the weight and...
  9. Danelectro

    2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer (with upgrades)

    Up for sale is a 2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer. These guitars are pretty basic in stock form and are a great platform for hot-rodding. I did a little work to improve the playability as well as the aesthetic appearance. In stock form, this guitar had a 1-ply black pickguard with a volume...
  10. Danelectro

    Lollar P90 Dogear Pickup

    Lollar P90 Dogear Pickup. Bridge position. The coil measures 9.1K. This pickup sounded great in my Historic DC Junior, but I've sold the guitar and I no longer have a need for the pickup. SOLD!
  11. Danelectro

    1960 Single-cut Melody Maker, early 1960 with 1959 features

    Up for grabs is an early 1960 single-cutaway Melody Maker . This is an early 1960 model with the the wide pickup and a thicker 1959 profile neck. I also have a 1959 Melody Maker (not for sale), and the neck profiles between these two guitars are virtually identical. The neck is straight, truss...
  12. Danelectro

    2014 Custom Shop '58 Reissue - Bourbon Burst 8.35 lbs

    2014 Bourbon Burst '58 Reissue. Beautifully flamed top. Dark fretboard. Custombucker pickups. Hide Glue construction. No fret wear. Near mint condition. Very lightweight at 8.35 lbs. All original except for the MojoAxe pickguard currently installed (original included). Lifton case and...
  13. Danelectro

    Eminence Ragin Cajun 10" 75-Watt Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm

    Great sounding speaker that is in as-new condition. I bought this to upgrade the stock speaker in a an amp I had. This speaker gave it more bottom and mids, and overall it sounded much tighter. In the end, I realized that the amp just wasn't cutting it for me, so I removed the speaker and...
  14. Danelectro

    1960 Gibson Melody Maker - Early '60 with the wide pickup and '59 neck profile

    This is an early 1960 model as it has the wide pickup and retains the 1959 profile neck. I also own a 1959 MM, and the neck profiles between these two guitars are virtually identical. The neck is straight, truss rod works, and the guitar plays beautifully. The original frets are in excellent...
  15. Danelectro

    Gibson Protector Hardcase - Generation 1 "Chainsaw" case

    Gibson Protector Generation I "Chainsaw" case. Good condition. Fits either a Les Paul or an SG. All latches work. No funky smells. SOLD * guitars not included
  16. Danelectro

    Blackstar HT-5R Combo w/Reverb

    Mint condition Blackstar HT-5R Combo. Includes footswitch and paperwork. Excellent Marshall tone in a smaller package that won't rip your ears off. Great for recording, jamming, and smaller gigs. SOLD plus shipping Contact Dan at
  17. Danelectro

    1999 Gibson '58 Historic Reissue Les Paul DC Junior

    1999 Gibson Custom Shop '58 DC Junior Here's a very nice DC Junior with a few upgrades. The neck is straight as can be and it plays beautifully. All the fun of a vintage Junior at a fraction of the price. - Feather light at 7.2 lbs. - Dark fretboard - Zero fret wear - Neck measures .804" at...
  18. Danelectro

    Could somebody with a 1960's Casino verify a dimension for me?

    I'm looking for the center-to-center spacing for the holes of the original Casino truss rod cover. If anybody here could check the measurement, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Danelectro

    Melody Maker Explorer Mod - from "The Glitterbomb" to an Explorer Junior

    I mentioned this Melody Maker Explorer project guitar in a thread last summer, but now that I'm finding some time to work on it, I thought I'd create a new thread here to document the process of converting from this mess into a usable axe. The husk that I'm starting out with is a 2011 Melody...
  20. Danelectro

    Peter Florance VooDoo '59 Pickups with aged nickel covers

    Pair of Florance VooDoo '59 pickups. Double-black bobbins with aged nickel covers, full length leads, 8.5K bridge, 7.8K neck. SOLD

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