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    Trio of evil sisters...

    Historic 1963 Custom Historic Jimmy Page EDS 1275 (#205/250) Historic 1964 SG
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    Current LP Collection Gang Shot

    The Historic LP Collection as of today: 2003 Brazilian R4 2006 ‘54 Custom 2018 ‘56 Goldtop 2012 ‘57 Custom 2018 ‘58 Standard 1999 ‘59 Standard 2015 ‘59 True Historic Standard Even with this bunch of great axes, not yet have I quenched my thirst. Gibson is building the best guitars today than...
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    Mess of Historics...and a vintage

    My slew of Gibson Historics...and a vintage '57 TV Junior A couple of MIA
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    First post...Les Paul TH Lemon Burst

    Happy to finally join the forum! Here is my first contribution...2015 True Historic Lemon Burst. Hands down the best Lester I've ever owned/played! Cheers everyone! GT Different light...

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