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  1. deaninkl

    is the new stuff better?

    I don't own a Gibson, I have two Burnys, a Grecko, a Navigator, a Fender, and a Yamaha... and although 2 of the guitars I have are Les Paul (types ;) i have wanted a Gibson for a long while. my issue have been quality... I live in Asia so I cant walk into a shop and try 20 to see the one i...
  2. deaninkl

    Tokai Strat question

    Appealing to the knowledgeable here.. a friend has just brought his 1986 Tokai Golden Sound ST60 down from the loft that he bought new when he started playing guitar, in a very misspent youth he painted it and changed out the bridge block for a fender part that is not the correct size. The...
  3. deaninkl

    Bluesy Marshall

    Most of the guitarists I liked in the late 60's and 70's played though Marshal Amps, I live in Malaysia, where its not possible (and prohibitively expensive) to get hold of vintage second hand amps. You can buy most of the major brands here, such as Fender, VOX, Laney, Marshall... Is there a...
  4. deaninkl

    2009 Gibson GT DC

    Hi there, I'm looking at a 2009 GT DC, this has full binding on the top and fret board, I was wondering if anyone here can tell me what LP model this is based on? As I understand the DC's are chambered and cheaper that the Standard I assume they are based on "Classic" or "Deluxe" model LP's...
  5. deaninkl

    Electrical Wire

    I have two guitars I want to rewire, one is a 70's Les Paul TV Model, the other an 80's strat, both have lived their lives in Asia and the humidity has taken its toll... I have some braided cable for the LP pick up, but want to know the size and type of cable for the rest of the wiring. I live...
  6. deaninkl

    Rewiring a LP TV Model

    I have an old (1973) Burny LP TV Model, very simple single pup little thing, it spent some years being unloved before I got it about 4 years ago. I wanted to keep it original, so did a cosmetic clean up, but left all the dings and scratches.. mojo right. The sound is very, very good, but the...
  7. deaninkl

    1 to me.

    wife: what you doing out there? me: looking at the Navigator wife: why don't you learn to play it? me: I will wife: why buy a guitar if you can't play it? me: cos I just like guitars wife: why so many if you can't even play one? (I only have 6) me: why you have 30 hand bags and 40 pairs...
  8. deaninkl

    Do you sometime not have the time for a good crap?

    Since spending a few months without work early last year and then starting for a new company in the middle of last year, I have come to know the true meaning of "not having the time for....well just about anything". I get home late on friday evening, sometimes early saturday mornings, and...
  9. deaninkl

    NGD Navigator N-LP 280 Std.

    This Guitar I first saw a while back during my first encounter with fellow members of this esteemed forum. I was sat in a condo with Wulfman and Brazen Picker, I could have been dead and inside a room of MIJ heaven... I say only a room because I do know there are others on here with such rooms...
  10. deaninkl

    Pete Townsend Killiing LP's

    Has it ever been established just how many he actually killed? and what they were? I know difficult question, but if there is a place to find out it would be here...:hmm:
  11. deaninkl

    Difference in Models

    Standard, Deluxe and Classic... what are the differences in these models? I know the deluxe used up a bunch of mini humbuckers, is that the only difference? were woods the same? Just trying to understand why there is a big difference in prices of these models for similar years, they pretty...
  12. deaninkl

    Standard and Traditional..what's the main differences?

    Just wondering..specs look pretty similar, what are the main differences between a Traditional and a Standard? Thanks.
  13. deaninkl

    Just How Good Are They?

    Many on here, like me, have not had the experience of some members in playing a wide range of MIJ's. So this thread is to get opinions on the current in vogue MIJ's, and get the views of the experienced members..(you know who you are...:)) as to their quality of workmanship and sound and to...
  14. deaninkl

    What can we trust in the shape of new MIJ LP's

    With so many trusted names like Edwards, Tokai etc. now diluting their brand with MIC, I thought it might be useful to get input from the great and knowledgeable assembly as to what is currently MIJ. It doesn't matter that these guitars may not be readily available in Europe or the US as so many...
  15. deaninkl

    Turn Table - Record Player

    This is nor guitar related, but is about music. I recently (as part of my general immersion back into music) decided I wanted a record player, to play my old Free and Dire Straights vinyl album on. Here in Malaysia they are very hard to find so I ordered one in the UK from a company call HiFi...
  16. deaninkl

    The Custom Question.

    I prefer natural tops, lemon, honey or tea bursts, so "custom" as in black or white are not my favourite. Not to say they are not great guitars…just a personal taste issue on what it looks like. Over on the vintage section there was a thread about make overs of Vintage versus a make over of...
  17. deaninkl

    $Silly Money MIJ's?

    There is a thread in the vintage section about the possible future peaking and decline in value of the burst. I tend to agree because as aging millionaire wannabe rockers fall by the wayside a new generation will not have the same attachment to the players that made the burst famous, so...
  18. deaninkl

    Guitar Leads

    Ok, I have not been playing to long, so looking for some advice on cables/leads, and really a general question..... Is there a any difference between brands of cable? Will certain leads effect tone, or quality of sound? There seems to be a huge range of prices, what's are the recognised brands...
  19. deaninkl

    Burny LP Junior/TV Model Bridge/Tailpiece Question

    Hi, I'm hoping someone with knowledge on these models can help identify the correct tailpiece for my newly acquired FTV 55. From the picture below you can see that a previous owner put on a tailpiece that has adjusters for the intonation. An issue with this is that the existing tailpiece sits...
  20. deaninkl

    NGD Burny FTV-45

    Picked this little Burny up today, I think it's late 70's but could be earlier, no light here so photos are not good, will post more tomorrow, not played it yet so can't judge the sound. Condition is fair for its age, couple of dings in the finish, but nothing serious, just needs a good clean, a...

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