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  1. mfoster

    2020 LP Muse - or 2020 LP Modern - or 2020 SG Standard 61

    How cool would it be for Epiphone to come out with an Axcess version !
  2. mfoster

    Buyer Beware!!

    I think any post of this kind should include pictures. I have 2 heavily flawed LPs. One intentionally ! Love them both
  3. mfoster

    1977 Les Paul Custom with maple fretboard

    Very Nice. Any additional pics ? Back, neck, control cavity ? Thanks - Mark
  4. mfoster

    Looking at a "new" Les Paul

    IMO, Not an unreasonable price as long as everything else it original. I don't that scratch looks that bad in photos.... in person ? I'd ask for a picture of the back
  5. mfoster


    Last Chance - Off to FleaBay soon........
  6. mfoster

    Removed my pick guard today and what did I find?

    Yep, I don't think anyone is trying to be rude here. It is commonly known that the pick guard screw CAN do that - doesn't always happen. But the chances are pretty good if you are a pick guard heavy type of player. I tend to rest my pinky on the guard..... It does suck - but most people...
  7. mfoster


    bump bump,bump
  8. mfoster

    SOLD 2012 Gibson Les Paul R8 Iced Tea VOS ( brand new condition)

    I prefer Plain over Flame. Beautiful guitar - GLWS
  9. mfoster


    Great Guitars for sale, Send me an offer
  10. mfoster


    Happy Holidays
  11. mfoster

    1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe with case

    Serial shows its a 75. The saddle, bridge and knobs look replaced, but tuners are original - which is a plus. Have to see the guts - it would be a really early Pro model, and the truss rod cover is deluxe and not pro...... Love the 3-piece top. And the top pancake looks to be 2-piece. Guitars...
  12. mfoster


    Price Drops - Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas ! ho ho ho
  13. mfoster

    Please delete. Thanks.

    Black, gold and an Ebony board. I love it ! Great Seller - awesome price. Wish I could off-load some of my stuff.......
  14. mfoster


    Kids are out of school for a snow day - So I could get these shipped out tomorrow - :D !!!!
  15. mfoster

    70’s Vintage Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty Ebony All Original

    What a home made relic job on a 78. Pathetic at 3500. Ugh, good luck selling that........
  16. mfoster


    I have a couple guitars for sale. 2 were planned to replace an ES-125 when it died.... but it's still going strong, with joy :)
  17. mfoster

    Any Reissues After 2013 Fading?

    I was not expecting to see a pick guard image on an Aged '18 R8. I guess it's not surprising to see it on an aged guitar - just thought it was a nice touch.
  18. mfoster

    Best Way to Purchase New Les Paul

    The Members Classified forum is a great place to find a great guitar. I have never heard of anyone getting ripped off here. I've bought 3 from here. I highly recommend this : I have bought from...
  19. mfoster

    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    I agree. Especially if the Classic is at $1500..|CategorySiloedViewCP
  20. mfoster

    Vintage 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Original Guitar with Case

    I've been bidding on this guitar - then I saw this Reverb scammer !

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