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  1. AK Epi Player

    Vintage Tokai quesion

    Just wondering if anyone knows why some older Tokai's have the model number stamped on the bottom of the FB, and others don't? I have two 1980's, (LS-50, LS-80), and a '82 LS-80. None of them have a stamp. But, have seen others of similar age that do....? Often thought it was just the higher...
  2. AK Epi Player

    Older Edwards LP, but how old?

    Okay, so this is the one that was on YJ forever, until I bought it this past year. It has spent most of it's time Stateside sitting around, waiting for me to get to it. Here is what I do know: It is a monster (heavy) one-piece slab of Mahogany, has FEB, one screw TRC (missing), and beyond...
  3. AK Epi Player

    New KORINA Explorer & Flying V coming!

    Just another round of lust from Epiphone announced today: :wow...
  4. AK Epi Player

    Koa Wildkat inbound

    So, I've had an order in with my S-W rep for one of the new Koa LP Customs, having asked that he send me pics before shipping anything, (so I can see it,or maybe choose one). Got an e-mail yesterday, but no pics until this morning. What popped up were some screen-grab shots of one of the...
  5. AK Epi Player

    New KOA top LP Custom coming...!

    Just opened my e-mail and saw this: :wow: Koa topped LP Custom! (and WildKat too). Might just have to get in line for one. One thing that is very weird timing wise, is I was just looking at some of the Gibby LP...
  6. AK Epi Player

    Greco "Super Real" re-issues...?

    Just stumbled upon this while cruising ebay: :shock: Premium Greco "Super Real" Reissue Les Paul New | eBay Anyone heard?, or seen anything about these before? They look to be brand new production. "Made in Japan", with 3 screw TRC. :hmm: DRY-Z II Pups..? Apologies if I missed the...
  7. AK Epi Player

    Waiting on a Hinds Flying V..?

    Just wondering if anyone else "out here" is trying to get/waiting on one of these? :hmm: I've had one on order with AMS for almost 4 weeks now, with an original "expected" ship date of May 5th. Have called them weekly for the past 2 weeks, checking to see if there have been any updates...
  8. AK Epi Player

    SDOTD Riviera P-93

    Just putting this out there for anyone: Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend Not too crazy about the Blue color, but great guitars! :wave:
  9. AK Epi Player

    "Vintage MIJ" website: gone...?

    It's been a few Months since it disappeared now, but does anyone know why this website, with all the great information on early Navigator LP's vanished? :hmm: I found it to be very useful, and it's a bummer when stuff like that goes "POOF", and is gone. :shock: Makes me wish I would have...
  10. AK Epi Player

    Odd review from Epi...?

    Not sure what to make of this: a link on a weekly e-mail from Epiphone took me to their "News" page, where I saw another link to: Tonequest reviews the Elitist Les Paul Standard and inspired by Casino. :shock: Huh!? What's this..? so it links to this, elsewhere on their site: ToneQuest...
  11. AK Epi Player

    Great bargain on a "Rare" Epi LP

    Came across this gem a few minutes ago: :shock: Epiphone Les Paul in RARE Sunburst Electric Guitar 711106261591 | eBay Rare Sunburst color....?? I don't see it! :hmm:
  12. AK Epi Player

    Naptha okay for older Nitro clean up?

    I'm sure this has been covered many times over, but couldn't find a specific answer in the "search forum". :rolleyes: Anyway, I recently got an older LP (35 yrs old), and it has some blackish tar-like spots on the bottom, along with other specks of weird stuff that looks like it should come...
  13. AK Epi Player

    Seattle area Luthiers?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone out here has had good experiences with any Luthiers in the Seattle/PNW area? I have an older MIJ LP with a back-bowed neck that I want to get straightened out, and done right! I have a newer Bacchus LP Special with a much worse back bow, that I've had...
  14. AK Epi Player

    Need a "G style" headstock? here you go!

    Just came across this while waiting to have dinner: Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar | eBay Not my thing, but looks better than most "conversions". :rolleyes: Either way, not a bad deal for what the BIN is.
  15. AK Epi Player

    Sweet new Elitist Coronet!

    Killer spec'd Coronet, but Japan only. :( Ltd. Ed. Tamio Okuda Elitist Coronet Oh well, EMS is only $120 (or so, to the US), and some used ones will probably show up before too long! :)
  16. AK Epi Player

    Vintage Navigator NGD

    After a long week of nail biting, my Mailman made it a great Monday by delivering the "mystery" Navigator LP that I won a few weeks ago. :) As shown in the auction pics, it is covered in a layer of grime, corroded, black strings, etc. A few brief, test cleaning spots on the top showed that it is...
  17. AK Epi Player

    Blak N Blue w/case?

    I guess I can't read very well any more, but I thought that the Gary Clark models were going to come with a Hard Case....:hmm: Mine just arrived, and not even a POS gig bag in sight. Went back to look on S-Water site, and there it is listed as "no case". Everyone else get theirs the same...
  18. AK Epi Player

    MF Stupid deal alert: 2013 SG Tribute Future

    Don't know if any has seen today's "Stupid Deal of the day" but if you are looking for a good deal on an SG...$499 is hard to beat! :thumb: Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend :wave:
  19. AK Epi Player

    Elite Firebird Bass?

    Ran across this a short while ago while cruising some of the Japanese auction sites. An Epiphone Elite Firebird BASS....:shock: Have never seen, nor heard of such a beast, and they have to be rare :hmm:. Want to get it just because...but that really doesn't cut it, seeing as I have two Bass...
  20. AK Epi Player

    Back-bowed Bacchus, now what?

    So, my Mango wood Bacchus LP Special that I got a few weeks ago has had plenty of time to acclimate. Some of you may remember that I mentioned that the neck was back-bowed when I was first checking it out, and tuning up for the first time. Figured I'd let it get used to around here, then see...

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