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    78/79 with grover and “gibson” pots - factory?

    Bought this 78/79 les paul custom. I opened the back expecting to see some dated pots but these are just labeled “gibson”. Are these replacements? Also it has grover tuners that look very factory but they might have had some holes filled at some point. i have searched this board and other...
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    Dealers that will price match or beat prices

    I have been selling off most of my less expensive guitars to free up some room and money. I want to buy a nice LP. I looked at the 58/59 reissues and there are so many fakes that I think I would feel more comfortable buying a brand new LP. There is a black LPC at zzsounds for $3,999. AMS seems...
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    Diagonal stripe inlay on les paul custom?

    Supposed to be a 95 les paul custom. I have never seen the diagonal striped inlay. Is that factory?
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    R8 in a pawnshop - figured top?

    On vacation and have been digging around in some pawn shops. Found this r8 (8 0435 serial). Owner says its a 1993 but i think it is a 2000. I am in the market for an r8 but he is asking $2999 for this one which seems a litte high. Has case but no papers. Is this a figured top? I know that...
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    Did gibson make a cow pattern guitar in 1988

    Saw this today ... serial number puts it as 1998 model but based on how the finish transitions from body to neck i think it may have been aftermarket finish?
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    I think this one is a fake

    Came with a lot of music stuff i bought. I think it is fake based on logo. Thoughts?
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    Studio with broken headstock - repair myself or send off

    Just bought this broken headstock studio. Looking for a player and not super concerned about the cosmetics. As a novice should i attempt to repair this or should i send it somewhere? Any ideas on what this repair will cost if someone else does it?
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    Selling two to buy one ... What's the best move

    I am thinking that I am going to sell my srv strat and Washburn ec29 to fund the purchase of a fairly nice les paul. That should put my budget at around $2000. Ideally I would like to buy something that will appreciate in value. There is a black standard at guitar center on sale for about...
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    Which amp to keep vox ad120vt or deluxe reverb reissue

    Local pawn shop was making deals yesterday and I picked up a vox ad120vt and a fender deluxe reverb reissue. Both are in good shape and neither have foot pedals. Pros for the vox - lots of stuff built in (tuner, effects, etc) - big and loud .. 2 12s vox cons - no tubes - somewhat...
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    Can I buy gold machine head screws anywhere?

    I want to put a set of stock style gold tuners back on my 90 LP. The tuners are easy to find but I can't seem to find the screws. The nickel plated machine heads that gibson sells come with screws but the gold set does not. Anyone know where to get these? I also need truss rod cover screws. I...
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    Pawn shop find ... bravo or bust?

    Found this during yesterdays pawn shopping. Normally the pawn shop prices are way high but this one was very reasonable. Serial number shows it to be a 1990 model. Rear pickup is aftermarket, tuners are aftermarket, truss rod plate is missing and it is in pretty rough shape. I think the levy...

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