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  1. rhys1157

    Plain tops need love too

    2015 R8 TH in all her glory
  2. rhys1157

    Almost NGD teaser

  3. rhys1157

    Cracked knobs

    I was just restring and noticed all 4 knobs on my 2013 R9 are cracked. Never replaced or even hardly touched.
  4. rhys1157

    Keeping track of mods

    How do you guys keep track of parts you change out on your guitars. I guess my memory is getting worse and I definitely forget sometimes which parts are on which guitar. I’m presuming lists obviously but just curious as to your methods. I’ve resorted to keeping parts together in boxes and...
  5. rhys1157

    WTB Bartlett retrospec

    Hey guys, looking to buy a Bartlett retrospec. If anyone has one for sale I’d love to take a look at it thanks
  6. rhys1157

    Rediscovering an old guitar

    This is my 1999 standard. It has limited edition on the back of the headstock. I have had it a few years. Just put a faber bridge on it and tweaked the neck and it came to life. Just wonder how many of you rediscover old guitars in your collection. It’s like NGD
  7. rhys1157

    Greenchild tribus drive

    Looking to grab one of these are any of you guys using one. Not much online or reviews etc so just wondering why. Thx
  8. rhys1157

    Raw vintage pick ups

    I just put a RV 5760 in the bridge of my traditional, sounds fantastic to my ears. Are any of you guys using these pick ups. I a/b with an electric city rd 59. I put the raw vintage right back in!
  9. rhys1157

    Raw vintage pick ups

    I just put a RV 5760 in the bridge of my traditional, sounds fantastic to my ears. Are any of you guys using these pick ups.
  10. rhys1157

    Van weelden royal overdrive

    Ok so I've been on the hunt for 20 plus years chasing this rediculous tone in my crazy mind. Like all of us I've bought countless pedals trying to recreate something I can't even explain. I like punk music yet chase some mythical blues ( r9/jtm 45 ) type sound. Anyways I bought this pedal and...
  11. rhys1157

    New Schaffer replica pedal

    I'm in love with this pedal. I feel like it opens up any pedal or amp. I've tried it with several pedals and it just sounds alive. It's woken up my pedals and damn I'll have to buy more. Great pedal.!
  12. rhys1157

    Overdrive pedal addiction

    Just curious to see all your guys pedal collections. I love overdrive pedals both boutique and std production. What do you guys love or hate. I'm running mine into the front end of my mojotone jtm 45 through a matchless 1x12. My main guitars are a gibson 2013 r9 and a 1994 gibson les Paul...
  13. rhys1157

    2x12 Avatar cab for sale

    Hey guys, I've got a 2x12 vintage avatar cab loaded with helltones. 8 ohms. Sounds great. I just NEED a 4x12 cab. Looking to trade or sell it for $300 plus shipping etc. Let me know what you've got. Not too worried about condition. Thanks
  14. rhys1157

    gibson les paul special

    Hey guys. I just got a beautiful 1996 Les Paul Special. It looks GREAT in TV yellow. Heres the thing. The previous owner drilled out the abr 1 bridge holes and fitted a stop tail piece. It was done pro and is perfect. The problem is they didnt fill the old tail piece holes. ( just covered them...
  15. rhys1157

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 98'

    Hey guys. Unfortunately I HAVE to sell my beloved 98' Les Paul. New baby arrived and I just don't have any time to play. It has orange drop caps but everything else is stock. Comes with the original case etc. I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm looking for $1500 plus shipping. She's in GREAT condition...
  16. rhys1157

    korean epiphone?

    I have one of those epiphone les pauls with the open book headstock. Does anybody know anything about these. Sorry if theres 100 posts about this but I couldnt find anything.
  17. rhys1157

    Chainsaw guitar case

    These are GREAT cases. Someone should grab this one. I just saw it but I'm in Houston... Vintage Les Paul Guitar Case
  18. rhys1157

    Mark Knopfler - Brothers in Arms

    I was watching a bunch of Mark Knopfler videos and thought you guys may like this. It's a great performance with some GREAT close ups... YouTube - Mark Knopfler - Brothers in Arms
  19. rhys1157

    no more top wrapping

    I've been top wrapping for a good while now because I thought I could notice a significant difference in the tone and feel of the strings. Last night I changed back as a test and I think its all my head. Am I crazy? I actually think I prefer the standard way. It feels a little 'tighter' and more...
  20. rhys1157

    my first aging attempt

    Well you guys post so many nice guitars with aged nickel parts had to try it for myself. I wanted a subtle look to it and I was pretty happy with the results. I just used 0004 steel wool and acid. It took maybe a few hours of work. Hope you like it. The guitar is a 98' standard with historic...

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