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    Over The Pond M69 pickup rings - now at RETROSPEC

    Kim and I would be more than happy to do something special. Our first batch of Over The Pond M69 rings sold out really quickly, I’m sorry to report, so here’s what we've come up with for the community: Throughout the month of January, RETROSPEC is offering a special promotional bundle on our...
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    Over The Pond M69 pickup rings - now at RETROSPEC

    Kim & I wanted to let the MLP community know that RETROSPEC just received a few sets of Over the Pond's M69 pickup surrounds. These are, in our opinion, the most accurate reproductions of the legendary M69 pickup surrounds available. Over two years in the making, this newest production run of...
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    Happy New Years from RETROSPEC

    Special New Years discount: Uncle Lou Premium Tips + Cellulose Nitrate Inlays = $199 Happy New Years from Kim and Kevin! RETROSPEC | Vintage Inspired Guitar Gear
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    Welcome Kevin Waehner......

    TM1, Spicoli, Jonesy, et al - Thanks for the kind welcome. Kim and I are indeed excited about the new site. We just added audio clips for MJM Guitar Effects, Sheptone Pickups and Germino Amps so please feel free to stop by any time to give a listen! Your feedback on the site is always...
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    PART 3 PAF's or WB's / you decide..

    There is no perfect internet / clip test. But I think Will's done a good job controlling the variables. The point of the exercise is to hold everything constant except the pickups. Same guitar, same amp, same settings, same mic in the same camera, same part played. Same upload chain. Different...
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    PART 3 PAF's or WB's / you decide..

    Just spoke to Will - He's not happy with the warble on the tape, so he's going to rerecord. Feel free to listen away, but he'd like us to hold off voting until the new upload.
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    Low output from P-90's ???

    What kind of pots are / were they? Stock Gibson pots are easy to burn through - all it takes is a little too much heat on just one pickup swap. Hope that's not the case, but if so, it's a good excuse for an RS Superpot kit. :thumb:
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    BEST ?? PAF clone ????

    The question was: who makes the best PAF clone. We COULD leave the answer exclusively for our esteemed winders to debate, or we MIGHT also consider the input of the dedicated players among us who went out and bought REAL PAFs over the years... and then compared them in their own guitars and rigs...
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    BEST ?? PAF clone ????

    Dave – Seriously? Dude, you’re being incredibly disrespectful to the entire community of hard working winders out there. Uncalled for. This made me go back through the thread, we need to stop for a minute and analyze what's being said... Thanks for the unbiased opinion. I...
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    You like real Pafs? Here some pics of some real ones..

    Hi Laura - I can't believe I missed this thread with the cool pics of my babies! (and you're very welcome...) Since someone asked, they read (roughly) 8.5 and 7.9, which is pretty close to VTP-Hots.
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    Dumb WB Question???

    Not a silly question at all. VTP = Vintage Tuned PAF Will winds two versions: VTP and VTP-Hot (or VTP-H) The hots are slightly overwound (i.e., "hotter") relative to the VTPs, but both sets smoke and nail that authentic PAF tone. There should be clips of both up on Youtube to check out...
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    FS: Grover Rotomatics, 3 x 3 Aged Nickel

    FS: Grover Rotomatics, 3 x 3 Aged Nickel 18:1 ratio, 3X3 tuners in aged Nickel finish. Purchased from RS Guitarworks last year. Never installed, these are virgin and looking for a good home. Asking $55.00 (paypaled + shipped) SALE PENDING (New from RS = 69.95 + shipping) If interested...
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    FS: "Buzzy" pickguard

    Just got Photobucket setup (I know, welcome to this century...), so sorry for the delay posting this. I had a pair of vintage 1952 P90s handy, so I dropped them in the picture to show off the pickguard's color against vintage plastic. Even though the guard sold already, I thought this was...
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    FS: "Buzzy" pickguard

    Absolutely, I'll snap 'em tonight. Thanks for posting
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    FS: "Buzzy" pickguard

    Hi all – I’m offering up my “Buzzy” pickguard. Pickguard is mint condition, never been installed. I got it direct from Buzzy and had it stashed for a project which I shelved. It's cut for humbuckers - fits Historics and vintage LPs SOLD Happy to shoot pics, if...
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    Thanks Kevin for the visit!

    Hey Will, Thanks again for letting me hang out with you and Nick at the shop! I got to watch Will work his magic on the winder (yup, it's all done by hand, folks), and then we listened to a bunch of different sets in Will’s Hamer. I just gotta say - Will’s an artist in love with his...
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    Dave Johnson ReTop Conversion

    I have exactly the same thing - NOS in the wrapper, 600v labeled 400v. Any thoughts on how the larger size impacts performance? Just joined, thanks to Flickoflash for the invite!

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