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    For Mal

    I think this is in your strike zone. The drummer is pretty awesome even if this is not really my bag.
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    Any Bluegrassers Out There

    I do not know what is wrong with me. But after ignoring Bluegrass my whole life and even hating banjo rolls, I am enjoying learning Bluegrass technique on the acoustic. Go figure. I signed up for and have been learning some stuff. Any other suggestions for lesson...
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    Stop the World...I wanna get off

    Another reason to just stay home and practice guitar. Peoples be crazy
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    Favorite Acoustic

    I have been getting more into flat picking acoustic lately. As a result I am thinking of buying a new acoustic. What are some models/ brands I should look at. It has been a long time since I last looked. I always liked Larrivee as a good guitar at a great price. Any other ideas? It would...
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    Life is Unfair

    Just bought this-- Then 2 days later, this... Broken little finger. Surgery to put pins in on Wed. Outta commission for 5 weeks. So unfair
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    WTH. Seen it All

    Just saw a section on CNBC for plant based meatless dog food. It supposedly has clean protein....whatever the hell that is. For gods sake...dogs are carnivores. The only clean protein for dogs is eating meat. WTH
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    Well...Something I agree with Completely sexist. Yes
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    People are Trying to Kill me

    I am a road biker. I bike 4-5 times a week. In the last month 2 gents I occasionally ride with have been hit by cars. One was hit after a car passed then made an immediate right onto a road. My friend could not stop in time and slammed into the car. Thankfully a broken wrist was the extent of...
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    US military thinking about changing to Keto diet So think about the implications here. The US military establishment is considering defying the food pyramid recommended by the USDA and the Dpt of Health and Human Services(think...
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    Nike just pulled shoe with 1st US flag on heel

    Kaepernick objected cuz slavery existed at the time. My reaction A later version of that flag fought to eliminate slavery. Time for Kaeperrnick to move to another country that was perfect at all times in its history.
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    What IF...?

    Just spit balling here. In the 70s I viewed the Japanese copies of American guitars to be nothing to be interested in. Most of us ridiculed players who showed up with a copy(behind their back). But the minute Gibson went after Ibanez I was interested in learning more. It peaked my interest and...
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    Wife came home with New Boyfriend

    My wife left for 2 days and came home with this....
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    Reverb....what happened to thee?

    I have always had good luck selling and buying on Reverb. I have never received top dollar on sales. But if I did my homework and looked at where Guitar Center was pricing vs what was being offered price-wise at Reverb and other sites, I could triangulate on a fair price. I have recently...
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    Tired of Am I weird I weird?

    Just sayin' :wave::wave::acoustic:
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    Levis went back to being public today in a hugely successful,10x oversubscribed, IPO. So why would an exec who reported led the compny back to being in a position to go public leave just prior to the offering? An initial offering is a huge wealth builder for any exec. We are talking FU and all...
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    Sat nite vice

    It is Sat night. Time to light a fire- +48F outside so still in my fire wheelhouse. Make myself a George Dickel on the rocks and with a splash of ginger ale for my more than better half. About the only vice I willingly indulge anymore but only once or twice a week nowadays. Still have lots of...
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    Scammed but cannot figure it out

    I recently bought a "smart" bike trainer off ebay. I wanted one that can be connected to various training software like Zwift or Sufferfest. Found one listed as new at a reasonable price. When delivered one of the brackets was bent. I contacted the seller. He accepted the return. Provided a...
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    White Privilege

    I will post this here and get out of the way
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    Hey StewMac

    StewMac keeps giving me $10 off coupons. I do not know why. I maybe buy $30 a yr in stuff from them. A new this or that but never much. But StewMac- if you want me to go big on something I would rather have a 25 to 30% off coupon. Then I would probably go big on replacing some stuff. All this...
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    Done with Carbon Bikes

    For the last 15ish yrs I have used carbon bikes for my everyday training bike. Since I retired I try to ride 4-5 days a week. So I put a lot of miles on the frames. But in the last 5 yrs I have had 2 bikes returned with warranty claims. First, warranty claims are a pain in the butt. The...

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