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    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Your photos convinced me that you should initiate a return. The words you used to describe what this guitar went through shows me that you too are convinced it should be returned. It'll never ever be anything like what you thought you were buying. Jeez, but the valleys on the top are just awful...
  2. J

    How is this Beautiful Tokai Still for Sale

    If the world were want a guitar so you go to your favorite guitar store. You tell them the upper limit of what you're willing to pay and the style you're interested in (LP, strat, telly, etc). The store puts a sock over the headstocks of all guitars that meet your criteria and...
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    Let's Talk Mini Amps

    A couple of months ago I picked up a used Quilter MicroPro Mach2 head. Seven pounds. Two channels. One hundred watts/channel that you can bring down to 1 watt. I have a Fender original blackface Twin Reverb, a stack of Music Mans', 2 Riveras and 3 original Magatones. The Fenders are going along...
  4. J

    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    Plus there was a Sam Ash store first right next door and then directly across the street. They didn't want to compete against themselves. What used to be called "Music Row", West 48th St between Broadway and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, with Silver & Horland, Sam Ash, Manny's, We Buy Guitars...
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    What Amp Would You Recommend?

    I'm amp shopping myself, but not because I live in an apartment...I just want to hear the crickets at night and still get a nice bell-like tone. I've been looking at Quilter Block amps. They're much more expensive even used than the Katanas but seem to have everything - headphone out, effects...
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    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    Why would burst or any other prices go up? Wood will be available, no payments to export, etc.
  7. J

    Anybody ever bought from this seller at Reverb?

    If it's anything, he's also on ebay with a smattering of neutral and bad reviews, mostly for poor packaging and non-original parts.
  8. J

    Navigators Worth the $$$$

    Yeah, I wrote 3 times to him asking what the weight of the guitar was. After about a month he wrote back that the weight was between 4 and 5 pounds. Either he's dumb or he thinks prospective buyers are. Keep away. Keep far away.
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    Sellers on Ebay who DO NOT own the guitars they sell

    Not protected by either eBay or PayPal if the item purchased is sold contrary to law (CITES). While I have yet to hear of anyone who's purchase was confiscated by customs because of restrictions on rosewood, I don't want to be the first. All IMHO.
  10. J

    Mystery Tokai/Gibson/Who knows ??

    I go with your original guess that it's a "who knows what".
  11. J

    Is This A Maybe Navigator Or A Maybe Edwards

    Same seller is also selling it on Ebay with a bit more info - it has a 60's slim neck which is a deal-killer for me. Back to window shopping.
  12. J

    Is This A Maybe Navigator Or A Maybe Edwards

    There's a guitar on Reverb that's an LP body but ESP is on the headstock. The seller says its a custom made job that follows Navigator tradition. Does anyone have any knowledge about the build quality, etc of this guitar? If it's truly handmade by one craftsman as I understand all Navigators...
  13. J

    To Anyone Who Has Played a Vintage Les Paul

    I had an early 1950's Black Beauty Custom fretless wonder and a 1960 SG Les Paul with PAFs. Both were pretty bad. Fretless wonder was just that. I didn't mind the pickups at all (P90 and Alnico V), but trying to bend strings and getting any kind of string vibrato was a useless affair. And it...
  14. J

    Modern Single-cut Guitars/LP alternatives

    How many of these have you actually played?
  15. J

    Sellers on Ebay who DO NOT own the guitars they sell

    Add spp-international ( and pin9spider ( Both are selling a Momose LP that is listed on Shimokura's site...andwho knows what else. Pin9spider's markup is about $900 (!!!).
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    My Historic With the Crooked Neck

    Many many decades ago when I was a teen and into exotic cars and auto magazines, I believe it was Car & Driver that did an article on Ferrari autos. They took photos of some Ferraris and the photo editor found something astounding-not a single car was symmetrical when viewed from the front. How...
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    Sellers on Ebay who DO NOT own the guitars they sell

    If he ever bought the guitar from you to resell, I would charge him 1999 euro. Let him earn 1 euro for his work.
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    CITES - the end is in sight

    That's the point - a lot, most, Japanese stores will not ship overseas anymore because of CITES. Once those stores start selling there will be more guitars on the market AND those gawd awful ebay resellers, or whatever they call themselves, who put the CITES onus on buyers while jacking up...
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    CITES - the end is in sight

    Gonna put off purchasing from Japan until after May, 2019. If the new regs are passed, I'm expecting the price of Japanese instruments with RW to drop. A lot. Maybe not immediately, but after pent-up demand is met (if there is any pent-up demand), prices should drop. Right now I'm seeing...
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    CITES - the end is in sight

    Your investment is still good. Brazilian RW is listed in Appendix I of CITES, meaning extremely endangered. Trade is VERY highly regulated if not banned outright. The proposed regs concern other species of RW which are listed in Appendix II, species on their way to becoming extremely endangered.

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