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    97' epi lp dc

    So i have picked one of these up at a decent price - due on my doorstep in a day or two - already thinking about mods... So its Korean made, set neck + P90 (supposedly SD's) REALLY looking forward to this gat, been a while (10+ yr) since my last LP - early 90's EPI Classic - I have...
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    Epi Wilshire

    Hi Guys/Gals, one of these has come up local for sale but I dont really know much about them - this one in particular seems to have a bolt on neck? I thought they were all set neck? Is thing legit??
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    Is Everyone Still Enjoying The Epi 61' Re-Issue SG?

    Looked at getting one of these when they came out - a trip to europe canned that - have purchased a few Ibanez of late now thinking its time for one of these sg's - love the look of them - the p90's, that wrap round stop bar my local shop still has a few in various colours, would love a...
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    name the gat

    Can anyone tell what this gat is that Izzy is playing? I thought it was a 175 - but cant find any with p90's maybe its something else or a custom jobby?

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