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  1. endial

    Wiring bass cut and master tone

    Welcome! I've nothing of help here, but I sure wouldn't mind a peek at such a wiring scheme if someone comes up with one. The concept sounds pretty genius. Edit: Nice looking little faded you got there.
  2. endial

    Limited Edition LP from 2003ish

    That was my first thought but those appear to be 1988.
  3. endial

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    Pf. :rofl:
  4. endial

    Can Anybody Tell Me What Year This SG Is?

    Re-post here: Other Gibsons and you'll get more hits. Edit: Cool Gibby!
  5. endial

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    Of the seven P-90 equipped guitars that I own, four of them are single pup Juniors. Two are double pup Special "type" models. One semi-hollow. If I may suggest, having a start with a single pup Junior would really get you in tune with the feel and breadth of the concept of what a P-90 is all...
  6. endial

    Switch a short neck tenon into a long tenon

    Handy caul you found there. What I want to know is how you drilled those two holes inside the pup route. A nice job. Well done.
  7. endial

    Switch a short neck tenon into a long tenon

    Hey, it's your guitar. I rather like that you went for the angle change and "...while I'm in there and the neck is free, I might as well go for a long tenon." attitude. I'd really like to see the pics. Hope you can figure it out. I've had to do similar "surgeries" in furniture repair where the...
  8. endial

    Why is a Casino Coupe...

    I can tell you this- They are a blast to play.
  9. endial

    finished my rebuild and refinish

    That turned out sweet. So...498 & 500T pups? That aughta burst some aural capillaries.
  10. endial

    My Offset Semi-hollow Fix

    Smart move! Thanks, @paruwi .
  11. endial

    My First P90 LP..An Absolute Dream

    P-90's rule..
  12. endial

    I Found the Needle I was looking for

    I'm glad you held out for the ebony. I love it in that shade. Enjoy! Embiggened the pic for ya.
  13. endial

    My Offset Semi-hollow Fix

    Can't thank you enough, @Caretaker . You were very helpful and considerate in helping me with all this. There's a really cool B&G Little Sister Crossroads in the Members Classifieds if someone wants to deal with a fair and decent seller.
  14. endial

    My Offset Semi-hollow Fix

    I always wondered what the deal is with that. Why aren't semi's with P-90's a thing? I about fell over when I saw the Vintage model. I had to act for fear I'd never have the opportunity again unless I forked over 4 Gee's for a Gibby. The sound is monumental, man. Not a fan of six-in-line...
  15. endial

    My Offset Semi-hollow Fix

    Well, I am actually a bit surprised by how nicely it works. I'd have expected it to throw havoc on the tuning, but this is a VERY nicely designed and well-made little contraption. The Elise had suffered a slightly collapsed bridge that had to be swapped so the jury is still somewhat out as to...
  16. endial

    My Offset Semi-hollow Fix

    That there guitar is where it all started, brother. Coolest thing I've ever seen. I'm left-handed, but play righty. I kinda know your guys' pain. They didn't make a lot of these at all, let alone lefty. I hope you prove me wrong one day.
  17. endial

    My Offset Semi-hollow Fix

    I've had a "thing" for offset semi-hollows ever since I thought it possible, and then I saw Josh Homme playing a Maton BB1200 in a video that just about put me over the edge. Of course, one of those is a bit out of my league, sadly, so when the opportunity came via a tragic passing of the owner...
  18. endial

    Univox Limited Edition (Special Doublecut copy)

    Yeah, that's way cool. How's the neck thickness? Some pic viewers will give you the option to re-size your pics to a smaller file size. Hope you find a guard for it.
  19. endial

    A little help from my friends.

    The ground runs the entire circuit from the bridge post to the jack, so, it could be something anywhere between those two. This includes all the pots, etc. I would recommend you take it to a pro to locate the problem. Good move.
  20. endial

    A little help from my friends.

    I'm no genius here, but if you're touching the input jack and the hum goes away, you have become the grounding device. Check the wiring on the input jack and make sure there's no crossover of wires or wires touching where they aren't supposed to touch. May need to re-solder the ground wire...

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