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    Help IDing a Navigator Les Paul

    Hey, I just got an trade offer involving a Navigator Les Paul and i would like your help in finding out more about it. Right now I have very little information about it (really only the 2 pictures shown here), but i think that the headstock could help to find out roughly when it was made? I...
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    Orville LP with strange serial

    Hey guys, i just saw an Orville LP on the local classifieds for a good price, but the Serial is kinda throwing me off: According to the seller it's 906425. The absence of a letter in the front indicates afaik that its made in Fujigen and the 9 would mean 1989. But i thought production there...
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    Anybody heard of the "Custom" brand?

    Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon a (apparently) japanese Les Paul Copy of the brand Custom on ebay: My own research didn't yield much results, because...

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