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    Faber Hybridge

    Hi, For thosenof you who have installed them, Are you guys still happy with the Faber Hybridge? Do you still think it does something positive?
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    Gold covers

    In a few days, I will be swapping pups in a epi black beauty. I have seen several recommendations for the Mojotone covers here. I assume this is for their more expensive variants? In my parts box I have two Schaller gold covers. Am I correct to assume these are not of the same quality of the...
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    Any budget alternative to the Rewind PAF-1?

    I really love the tone of the videos of the rewind PAF-1. However I don’t want to put $400 pickups in a used Epi LPC. Are there any cheaper pickups that sound similar? BTW what’s up with the lower resistance in the bridge? What positive effect does that have?
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    Phaez 18w Duophonic head Dumble ODS/corona chanells

    For sale: Great phaez overdrive special/fender Princeton channels. 18 watt 6V6 output section. Great tone. This nails the Grissom tone with my DGT. Sounds fantastic! It is in a wooden head cabinet. Great deal at $450 plus shipping. Email jimbsams at gmail . Com for pics
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    Phaez Duophonic amp - Dumble/blackface 18 watts For Sale

    For sale - 18 watt (6v6) Phaez Duophonic amp. Dumble Overtone special drive channel and a blackface (think Princeton) clean channel. Sounds fantastic at home levels. In a wooden head cabinet. Fantastic amp Asking $500 Email jimbsams at gmail dot com
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    What does "dry" tone mean?

    I see people here use the phrase dry when describing pickup tone. What does it mean? Less harmonics, more fundamental?
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    Anyone tried a Vineham Whiskey burner?

    Have any of you tried a Vineham Whiskey Burner? How does it compare to a BB3 or a Pearly Gates?
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    Phaez 18watt EL-84 SIBLY head - $425.00

    very clean Phae Sibly 18 watt head. Forum members here know these amps. This one will do the sibly tone from Madison square garden, thick David Grissom tones and early ZZ Top. Master volume works great. Usable in a home setting. $425 It's a steal Jsams2 at
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    Les Paul MIII Pickups

    Guys, I am looking a buying a Les Paul Studio Lite MIII as I have always wanted one. Unfortunately I cant play it before I buy. Have any of you had good luck with swapping the 500T/496R pickups in a Les Paul Studio Lite MIII? Is there an easy way to make the triple magnet 500T into a Duncan...
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    PRS DGT Neck pup is dull...

    I have a pretty great PRS DGT but I am finding the neck pickup to be pretty dull. It just doesn't have the response and clarity that I want. Anyone ever swapped an Alnico 5 into one? I assume that they are an A2....
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    Low Wind P-90s?

    Is there a less expensive low wind P-90 than the lollars or Fralins? I need something that will match with a tele bridge pickup.
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    Lots of pickups for sale

    I have lots of pickups for sale Sheptone Javelina Zebra bridge bucker (9.51K) - Rare only available from BBs Tone solutions - used for a short time $95 Gibson Zebra Burst Bucker 3 (Bridge) aftermarket 4 conductor, unpotted used - $50 Dimarzio DP-197 Virtual PAF Zebra - Used - $45...
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    Edwards Beck Oxblood LPs

    How hard is it to find the Edwards Oxblood LPs? Are they still in production? I see them from time to time on Digimart but haven't figured out how to determine if the seller will ship. Any reason not to buy one when I find it?
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    NPD-Greer Ghetto Driver

    My lovely wife bought me a Greer Ghetto Driver for Christmas. It is a pretty fine pedal. It combines a Ghetto Stomp and a booster in one pedal. There is a switch that selects the order of the two effects. Booster into Ghetto Stomp or Ghetto Stomp into booster. Believe me, it makes a difference...
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    Decent Korean pups

    I recently received a PRS SE soapbar double cut version. The PRS SE soapbar pickups sound pretty darn good. Much better than the PRS SE Humbuckers which are awful!
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    80's Hamer 10K Dimarzio bucker

    Guys, At some point I obtained a 10K USA Hamer humbucker made by Dimarzio. I think this is on of the "Slammer" humbuckers used in several guitars in that period. I think this pickup might be out of the pointy Phantom triplecoil setup. Does anyone have an idea what this pickup is similar...
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    P-90 Magnet swaps?

    So have any of you guys tried magnet swaps with P-90s? I am hearing a A5/A8 works well in the bridge. Where is Lt.Kojack when you need him? :D
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    Q for the PRS guys

    For those of you htat have swapped out the pups with a rotary 5-way, I have a question for you... With the factory setup of the HFS and Vintage bass pickups, ther eis quite a difference in the DC resistnace between the two pups with the HFS being something like 14K and the neck being 8K. Is...
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    BurstBucker 3 review

    I recently bought a PRS SE Singlecut from Ebay. It came with the deadest strings ever. So I pulled all the strings off for a cleaning and realized the bridge pup was in backwards (screw poles towards the neck). So I took it out and noticed a "Patent Applied For" decal and BB#3 wound by xxx on a...
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    Javelina in the house!

    In the last while, I sold my Heritage H-150P (Poplar) that I have been trying to modify to my satisfaction and bought a Hamer Prototype reissue. the Hamer came with a JB which actually sounded decent, but not ideal. BBs Tone Solutions to the rescue. I bought a Zebra Javelina and it came today...

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