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  1. catstrat

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul 50s Standard

    Hell of a guitar. Ive got multiple guitars that have the clear coat overrun on the side of the nut. Nothing to be concerned about.
  2. catstrat

    NGD - Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard November Burst!

    Geez that thing is gorgeous, nice score!
  3. catstrat

    December 2019 - Backing Track of the Month

    Decided to have a crack at this. Took about a dozen takes to work out what I wanted to do. Grabbed my Edwards E-LP-105CD/P (LP Custom with P90s clone) and recorded in a single take (hence the poor timing and sloppy runs :) ) 80s rock isnt really my thing but this was fun.
  4. catstrat

    I Unhate JB

    People have different tastes, no problems, but he seems to draw a lot of "hate" for no apparent reason. If there's one thing I think we can all agree on, its that he is not only preserving some of the finest instruments ever created, but also playing them so we arent left wondering what they...
  5. catstrat

    NGD 1998 R6 Road Warrior

    SD actually does a good P90. I have the SP90s in a LP Custom clone and its one of the few guitars I have where I haven't felt compelled to switch the pickups out.
  6. catstrat

    Makeover has begun

    Geez thats a hell of a finish. Nice work.
  7. catstrat

    My First Historic - R8

    Haha honestly, Ive got my eye on an R7 Gold Top that has me considering putting a couple of guitars up for sale ;)
  8. catstrat

    My First Historic - R8

    Thanks for the welcome guys! Im a long time lurker but I hope to contribute a bit around here.
  9. catstrat

    My First Historic - R8

    All 3 of my Les Pauls are plain tops, Im a sucker for a nice or interesting grain.
  10. catstrat

    My First Historic - R8

    Thought I'd share because, why not :) I got my first historic today, a 2011 R8 VOS in washed cherry. I've owned a few Les Pauls in my time and currently have another 3. This one is all the best parts of them rolled up in to one. Apologies for the small photos, couldn't put it down long enough...
  11. catstrat

    San Francisco Historic Dealers?

    Hey guys, Australian here heading over to San Francisco for a couple of weeks and want to take advantage of the trip to pick up an R8. Need some guidance as Ive never set foot inside San Francisco so I wouldnt know where to start. Did a quick search of the forum but couldnt turn anything...

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