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  1. jenton70

    2005 R8 Washed Cherry - best 2500 you'll spend on a guitar

    Hey guys, This beautiful R8 plays and sounds fantastic. I double dipped on guitar buying and am keeping the Bloomfield out of pure vanity. This is the best sounding neck position I've heard in a LP and the bridge is killer too. Very chirpy sound in the middle, just perfect. Very vintage...
  2. jenton70


    8.8 lbs Medium chunky neck Wizz Premium Clone pickups HM Retrospec TRC HM Retrospec knobs I don't know what the other parts are, stock from builder Slick, dark, swirly Braz board on this. Guitar plays fantastically and sounds even better. Very articulate with the Wizz pickups in it. I'd...
  3. jenton70

    Gretsch Masterbuild G6128-CS Stephen Stern - Faded Fiesta Red

    I've had a couple of these astonishing Stern-built USA custom shop Gretsch relics and they have all been stellar. No exception here. 7 lbs 8 oz Nice medium chunky C neck. Really comfortable to play. The pickups are real knock-outs too. Great single coil Gretsch chime and they get awfully...
  4. jenton70

    FS - Boss JB-2 Angry Driver Pedal $125

    Historic collaboration between Boss and JHS. Combines the JHS Angry Charlie and the Boss Blues Driver in one pedal. All-new overdrive pedal with massive tonal range, jointly developed by BOSS and JHS Pedals Combines the voices of the BD-2 Blues Driver from BOSS and Angry Charlie from...
  5. jenton70

    2019 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard R9 VOS Green Lemon Fade

    Stats: 8 lbs 12 oz Weight .88 - .99 Neck Excellent ++ condition. This guitar has a beautifully matched sounding set of pickups. Just right! I have had no desire to try other pickups in this one. It sounds so good and plays effortlessly. It's definitely a "go-to" Les Paul. It just does...
  6. jenton70

    Wizz Premium Clones - Dbl Whites 400.00

    Great sounding pickups. Wizz A4's 7.6k Neck and 8.4k Bridge. Pickups ship in original box with original Wizz rings and covers. 400.00 net shipped. Thanks for looking!
  7. jenton70

    Wizard Vintage Classic 50W Head

    What a great amp! I haven't been using the big amps much lately so it's time to let this one go. It's in great shape with little to no tolex damage. From Wizard - The tonal signature of the WIZARD VINTAGE CLASSIC is reminiscent of the mid-sixties British tube amps. Two channels...
  8. jenton70

    Heritage Artisan Aged H-150

    I'm a sucker for a cool "other singlecut" now and again. I've been enjoying the hell out of this one. It's a new Heritage Artisan Aged series H-150. I haven't had many Heritage guitars over the years because I don't like the headstock much. That said, it doesn't worry me at all in this case for...
  9. jenton70

    Delete please

    Absolutely killer 2018 Braz R9 in Crimson Burst. Slim '59 neck with rounded profile. Great player, effortless. Great looking quartersawn top with some cool vertical nuke grain. Dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard that is slick as glass to play on. 8.9 lbs. Guitar is currently equipped with Wizz...
  10. jenton70

    WTB Holmes H455 bridge pup

    I have a great Holmes neck pickup but mistakenly sent the bridge pickup out on a guitar I sold last year sometime. I know, I know. The neck pairs nicely with a Wizz bridge pup but I'd like to snag a Holmes for a matching set. Bobbin color doesn't matter. Thanks.
  11. jenton70

    2011 Murphy Aged R9 under 8 lbs! Back on market 4700 shipped

    Killer Murhpy aged R9 with a nice Bloomfield-esque burst pattern. This one is super light at 7 lbs 14 oz. Medium R9 neck, nicely rounded and comfy to play. Currently equipped with Throbaks. I do not have the original BB's. This guitar is a real cannon. Super loud and honky. Very vintage...
  12. jenton70

    2019 Wildwood Spec - A discussion

    Having a bunch of store credit and 24 month 0% financing is a dangerous business with me. A little bit ago I found myself staring at this scenario and GAS'ing hard for an R0. I kept coming back to this one, despite it not have my usual favored top. I just loved the color and how it all came...
  13. jenton70


    Selling my like new KPA PowerHead. Ships in original box with manual, cables, etc. This unit has some very very nice commercial profiles I bought loaded into it. Top Jimi, Britt, Tone Junkie, etc. It also has all the latest firmware. Sounds incredible. I've been using it with powered monitors...
  14. jenton70


    Great top, and phenomenal guitar all around. Very loud and resonant. Great neck, based on the neck of Magellan apparently. It's a perfect feel. - Creamy black Brazilian board with nice figuring when viewed up close. - 8.9 lbs - Luxe Bee harness - Throbak NOS wire SLE-101 LTD pickups - Yaron...
  15. jenton70

    FS - Custom Build Blackguard Tele

    I bought this from the builder here a couple years ago. It's a great guitar but I haven't been playing much and when I do it's a Les Paul. Shame to let it sit around. Great guitar! 7lbs 7oz Fat V neck Lollar pups and a real nice harness A small bit of fret sprout now that Wisconsin is being...
  16. jenton70


    Really nice guitar here. Almost unplayed condition. Smells pretty new, too. I think the color is dirty lemon. I bought this 2 days before a killer HM was offered to me. So up for sale it goes. Hardly new ya! 8.8 lbs, great player. Clear, bell-like chime from the custombuckers. Gets down and...
  17. jenton70

    Sold please delete

    7 lbs 2 oz Medium full C shape neck. Rings like a bell. Currently equipped with Wizz/Holmes pickups. Originals go with it either way. Jonesy 59 harness, have original too. VERY clean. Comes with OHSC and COA. 3000 with Pickups 2500 with originals only
  18. jenton70

    Chambered? Info needed.

    Guys I have a 2018 R8 that is just too light to not be chambered. It has a standard 8 xxxx serial number and there is nothing about it being chambered on the COA. Was there a special run? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. jenton70

    FS - 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 50th Anniversary 68 Reissue VOS

    Great guitar here, but the neck is a little slim for me. Message me for condition and photos, etc. This guitar plays and sounds fantastic. Still smells new. 9 lbs 2 oz Neck is scanned from a real one and Gibson calls it "medium chunky". Feels like .85 or so at the 1st. Under and inch at the...
  20. jenton70

    Feeler - 2000 Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue R9 - Killer top!

    It's with regret and hesitation that I offer this for sale. Some family decisions have been made that force me to consider parting with some of my best stuff. This is a 2000 R9 Tangerine Burst. Gorgeous wide ribbon flametop. Really pops too. The board is outstanding. Dark chocolate, glassy...

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